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Batteries have been around for a long time, powering our lives in a number of ways. Many toys depend on batteries, as well as flashlights, fire alarms, and even the smartphone in your pocket. Although convenient and easy to use, batteries are made with materials that, if not stored correctly, can damage electronics. If you’re unsure how to store batteries, we’ve got helpful tips below. Find out how and ensure your batteries are ready and charged when you need them.

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How do you Store Batteries Safely?

Following best battery storage practices will help keep your batteries pristine, protect electronics from being damaged, and keep charge levels high.

Never Leave Batteries in an Electronic Device that’s Being Stored

Batteries are affected by certain things, including moisture and heat. Leaving them in an electronic device and then storing that device is a bad combination. If, for example, the batteries start to corrode, they can damage the device they’re in. Toys are especially susceptible as they’re more likely to get wet. If you can, experts even advise taking the battery out of laptops.

Keep Batteries in their Original Packaging

While it doesn’t look special, the packaging used for batteries was designed to keep them safe and prevent power loss. When possible, always opt to keep batteries in their original packaging. The original packaging will make storing batteries easier, especially during kitchen organization.

Store Batteries where Heat isn’t a Problem

Batteries are like food; they go bad if you leave them at room temperature. They can also go bad faster if exposed to high heat, like if they’re stored in the attic in the summer. For that reason, it’s best to store batteries where it’s cooler, like in the garage or the back of a bedroom closet. At room temperature, batteries will do just fine, including car batteries. 

Keep New and Old Batteries Separate

Battery manufacturers have long warned consumers of the dangers of mixing old and new batteries. While the danger is admittedly low, mixing new and old batteries in a single device or toy can be problematic. Mixing them together for storage can also cause problems, so it’s better to keep old and new batteries stored separately.

Don’t Store Rechargeable Batteries with “Regular” Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are the best but do cost more than conventional throw-away batteries. (That’s why so many folks still use the throw-away kind.) You should avoid storing the two types of batteries together, mostly so you don’t make a mistake and mix them. Like regular batteries, take rechargeables out of devices before storing them. Also, make sure you pack their charger well for storage.

Can you Store Batteries in Ziploc Bags?

Batteries can be stored in a Ziploc or other plastic bag. However, there are a couple of things you should do if you use one. The first would be to use rubber bands to keep your batteries in groups of 6. When you do, ensure the negative ends face the same way and the positive ends the other way. When you fill the Ziploc bag, make sure the negative and positive ends are all facing the same way. Doing this will reduce the risk that your batteries will corrode or leak.

Is Storing Batteries in the Refrigerator or Freezer a Good Idea?

Many folks are under the false impression that storing batteries in the fridge or freezer will help them stay usable for longer. Not only is this wrong, but condensation can form on your batteries in these locations. (A fridge has high humidity levels.) That means storing batteries in the fridge or freezer can ruin them and reduce their usable life significantly.

How Long Can you Store Batteries?

Unopened alkaline batteries will typically last between five and ten years if stored properly. You need a cool, dark, and dry place with no exposure to extreme heat. Opened batteries will typically last just as long, although exposure to the elements can reduce their lifespan and cause them to self-discharge.

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