Preparing your home for Oklahoma weather

According to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, thunderstorms occur about 55 days on an annual basis in the eastern part of the state and 45 days of the year in the Southwest region. In addition to thunderstorms, Oklahoma sees a notable number of dangerous tornados. 

These dangerous storms can occur at any time during the year, but are most frequent during April, May and June. 

Follow these tips for protecting your family, home and belongings when severe weather strikes: 

Prepare for the Storm  

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the best way to protect yourself from tornados and severe thunderstorms is to know the signs of severe weather, listen for public warnings and watches and know what to do if a tornado strikes. 

“If you are at home, make sure you avoid all windows.”

Tornados often follow a dead calm, severe changes in temperature or heavy rain and hail. Should any of these signs emerge, seek shelter quickly. 

If you are at home, make sure you avoid all windows and try to get underground or alternatively as low to the ground as you possibly can. Cover yourself with a sleeping bag or mattress as well. Do not dive under heavy items, like pianos or water beds, as they may crush you when winds pick up. 

Have a Plan 

You and your family’s safety should be a top priority. Consider holding tornado and severe thunderstorm drills with your family so everyone knows how to react to severe weather. 

As far as your belongings, if you have any family heirlooms or other invaluable items, consider bringing them to a self-storage facility, away from the regions that are more commonly plagued by severe weather. 

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