What to expect when you’re expecting: How storage units can help you get organized when you’re having a baby

Having a baby is one of the most joyful – and stressful – times of someone’s life. While bringing new life into this world is truly a one-of-a-kind blessing, it can also be an organizational nightmare. Whether you are planning on having kids or if the pregnancy is an unexpected surprise, there’s going to be plenty of cleaning out rooms, rearranging furniture and handling the other necessary preparations in advance of bringing home the bundle of joy from the hospital.

For homeowners, it might not be as hard to make room for a newborn, while those soon-to-be parents currently living in a smaller apartment might not have as many options for setting up a nursery. As noted by the Washington Post, it can be quite difficult to adjust for city-dwelling parents who decide to keep their current quarters, whether it’s a narrow townhouse or a quaint condo. Regardless of if you have room to spare or you’re going to struggle to make room, there’s plenty of useful design and organizational hacks you can use to create the perfect space when bringing home your newborn from the hospital.

Donate or sell as much as possible

Space will soon become a premium in your household, so it’s important that you identify and remove any clothing, knickknacks and furniture that doesn’t typically get used. Those old outfits you used to wear to go out on the weekends in your younger days? The long rows of DVDs and Blu-Rays that you never watch anymore? Or the shelves full of books you last read in college? You should consider donating or selling anything that hasn’t been used in a while and probably won’t get used much because of the responsibilities of being a parent. Eliminating the extra clutter will not only provide more space to raise the new baby, but it can also be a relief to finally unburden yourself from all the extra stuff.

Having a newborn might mean having to move all your old books into storage to make way for more baby toys and books.Having a newborn might mean having to move all your old books into storage to make way for more baby toys and books.

Foldable everything

Lots of companies provide collapsible baby furnishings nowadays. From changing tables to strollers to cribs, having the ability to fold up the piece of furniture can go a long way to ensuring you retain enough space to move around your home. Being able to put away these otherwise cumbersome accessories can really free up additional room to let the baby play.

Take advantage of vertical space

“Not everything for the baby has to be restricted to the floor.”

Not everything for the baby has to be restricted to the floor. Buzzfeed suggested using one of those multi-layered baskets typically holding produce in a supermarket, otherwise known as an epergne, for housing various diaper-changing materials. If you have the space to have a nursery in the house, consider adding an extra rod for hanging clothing in the baby’s closet. Since the clothing will be much smaller than an adult’s, it’s easy to create additional room in the closet by hanging double the amount.

Sneak baby stuff into other rooms

No matter how nice or spacious the nursery is, a baby’s toys, clothes and other stuff knows no boundaries and will ultimately end up spread across the entire house. Home remodeling and design website Houzz recommended sneaking some storage spots into other rooms. This alleviates the constant struggle of having to clean up the mountain of toys or other accessories that tend to accumulate around the baby’s¬†space. Set up some shelves or make space in a dresser or a cabinet in each room for all the stuff, which will make¬†cleaning up a breeze.

Consider self storage options

No matter how much stuff you give away, how many collapsible furnishings you purchase, and how many hidden compartments you create, there still may not be enough room for all the new toys, clothes, and accessories. You can make additional space in your place by taking advantage of a self-storage unit. With low rates and 24-hour surveillance at most storage facilities, you can move your weights and workout equipment out of the room you used as a gym and into a storage unit. No matter if you have to renovate an entire spare room of your house or merely find an additional area in your apartment, a storage unit offers that extra space needed to make way for a newborn baby. Contact SecurCare Self Storage today to learn more about our storage facilities across the country.