Small Business Inventory Storage: Cut Office Space Overhead

Running a small business requires owners to pay attention to details, identify ways to cut costs, and boost profit margins. For small businesses operating on shoestring budgets, every little bit of savings frees up precious resources. These can be allocated to other underfunded aspects of the company, like marketing or purchasing more inventory storage.

One area where small businesses can trim overhead costs is by reducing office space. You can read more about how small business owners use SecurCare Self Storage for their businesses in the Denver Post!

The importance of office space

“One area where small businesses can trim overhead costs is by reducing office space.”

Businesses always care about location. Unfortunately, the best spaces available are often the ones that cost the most money. There’s a good reason for this too. Companies operating in close proximity to each other to take advantage of built-in networks of talent pools, pre-existing infrastructure, and supply chain distributors.

Once a central commercial hub has been established, other services and businesses begin flocking to the area to cater to established companies, whether it’s restaurants, CPAs or custodians. The more enterprises that pop up, the higher demand will be for office space. Also, the more expensive it will be per square foot.

Just How Much Does It Cost?

The price of a square foot of small business office or inventory space varies from one location to the next. Bigger cities, of course, cost more. The average rent for a square foot of office space is $1.74 in Atlanta and $1.92 in Dallas. This number surges to $5.43 in San Francisco and tops out at $6.16 in New York, regardless of the borough.

The company analyzed the data from various cities across the country. They discovered it cost $14,800 a year per employee to rent in NYC, the most expensive location in the country. While the number declines considerably once it reaches the No. 10 on the list – Dallas at $4,618. It’s still a considerable overhead cost that consumes a major portion of a small business or startup.

Housing old, but necessary, documents and files in a secure self storage facility opens up additional office space and can cut overhead expenses.Housing old but necessary documents and files in a storage unit can open up additional office space and cut overhead expenses.

How A Storage Facility Can Help a Small Business With Inventory Storage

Instead of paying big bucks for prime commercial real estate to keep items when they’re not in use, a storage facility provides greater options for optimizing small business inventory storage space. Cluttering up an office with old technology or extra inventory eats away at a company’s resources. Thankfully, business owners can find additional savings by opening up space and trimming overhead costs through the use of a storage unit.

Whether it’s that stack of Bankers Boxes overstuffed with old financial documents or the extra office furniture that currently doesn’t have a use, SecurCare Self Storage has the solution for any business needs. Companies with cluttered office space may not look appealing to potential clients, as overloaded areas can give off an impression of the enterprise not being professional. By cleaning up the space and keeping all your unused small business inventory and supplies in a storage unit, you can clear away the clutter.

Contractors can also take advantage of utilizing a storage space too. It’s important for contractors to have a tool ready for every job. But, it can be expensive storing the vast range of equipment and tools in a traditional commercial space. Storing the tools and equipment at a storage facility frees up capital to reinvest back into the business.

With 24-hour video surveillance at many storage locations and month-to-month storage leases, a self-storage unit provides flexibility and cost savings that are attractive for businesses of all sizes. Reserve your SecurCare Self Storage unit today.