Moving in Together

Whether you said ‘I do’ to a life of marriage or purchased a new home with your boyfriend or girlfriend, moving in together can be exciting and even a little scary. Follow these tips to help make the transition easy and smooth:

Take Inventory

Because you both have likely led separate lives up to this point, you’ll probably have some of the same necessary items. In a new home or apartment, you might not have room for two crock pots, two blenders, and two grills. If you have doubles, decide which version is newer or in better condition and get rid of the other. You can sell some items or give them away. If you have larger belongings, like an extra couch or table, and you do not want to get rid of them, rent a storage unit in a storage facility, and keep your possessions secure.

Make Money Rules

Before moving in together, it is crucial to discuss finances. Spending habits and the division of financial responsibility can greatly impact how smoothly moving in together goes. Kiplinger recommended keeping your finances separate if you are dating your new roommate. However, if you are engaged or newlywed, opening a joint checking account to cover your monthly bills is a good idea. You can still keep separate checking accounts for personal expenses, so you both maintain independence while working together to pay for the joint property and the bills associated with it. When you decide how you will divvy up your finances, consider putting it in writing, so you can both reference it, and have a clear understanding of what your agreement entailed.

Enjoy the Ride

Deciding to buy a home or rent an apartment together can sometimes help improve your relationship. When you share an experience like homebuying especially, you strap in for a roller coaster ride of joys, frustrations, and anticipation together. Realtor. com noted 80 percent of married couples who jointly purchased real estate believe this investment bolstered their relationship. Making the move to live with another person in a new home can be beneficial and even strengthen your bond. For a great resource when you make the transition, and need a little extra space, head to a local SecurCare Self Storage facility and speak to a professional about your storage needs.