How to Do and Find Storage Unit Auctions: A Brief Guide

Someone who attends a storage auction can acquire a number of interesting treasures in an entertaining and exciting way. However, for those who have never been to an auction, the process may appear intimidating and confusing. Follow these tips to help settle your stomach and get ready before embarking on the journey as an auction attendee:

Storage Auction 101

According to the Houston Chronicle, storage auctions take place at various storage facilities. The event dates depend on the company. Interested bidders can come and check out the contents of the different storage units being auctioned off. Someone who wants to bid on a storage unit typically can take a look at its contents to decide what he or she is willing to pay for the prize. Once everyone has been given the opportunity to look at the items inside, the bidding will begin. Typical auctions allow you to bid for one particular item. But, a storage auction requires you to bid on an entire unit and its contents. Similar to regular auctions, these events also have someone keeping a record of what is purchased and someone tracking the bids. Whoever bids the most wins the contents of the storage unit.

Research Ahead of Time

Before going to an auction, take the time to research the dates, locations, and times of various events. SecurCare holds a variety of storage auctions across the country on a quarterly basis. Check out your local SecurCare for more dates. Knowing when and where various auctions will take place can help you navigate these events. Additionally, you may want to ask other individuals who have attended these auctions what their experience was like to help prepare and heighten your understanding.

Learn the Language

Auctions have their very own vernacular. Get to know the terms and familiarize yourself with their meanings before stepping up to the plate and placing bids. For example, a bookkeeper or clerk keeps a physical record of the prices and items sold and a bidder package provides you with information regarding the auction. Check out the plethora of auctions held at SecurCare facilities across the nation this week. We also hold them every quarter. Have fun acquiring a few cool treasures.