Corporate Holiday Gifts: the Ultimate Guide

Getting the perfect holiday gifts for your employees can be stressful. What do you buy for the people who make your company run? What about gifts for your best customers? Or that dreaded “Secret Santa” party? If you’re in charge of buying corporate holiday gifts this year, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll talk about what makes a perfect corporate gift for everyone on your list. Take a breath because your corporate holiday gift-giving just got easier!

The Four Elements That Make a Perfect Corporate Holiday Gift

Want your employees to remember your corporate holiday gifts? Then it can’t be just another promotional item. A great gift-giver knows that any good gift needs to have the following four elements: 

Element #1: The Gifts are Thoughtful

The gift you purchase for clients and customers must be intentional. They have to be something your customers will ultimately appreciate and enjoy.

Element #2: The Gifts are High Quality

If you give cheap, low-quality gifts, clients may get the idea that your company is cheap too. Of course, that is the last impression you want to make. So make sure that your corporate holiday gift is of outstanding quality. 

Element #3: The Gifts are Useful

A useful gift is crucial. First, your customers will use your corporate holiday gift and enjoy it. Second, every time they do, they’ll think about what a great company yours is. It’s a win-win!

Element #4: The Gifts are Creative

Let’s be honest; nobody needs another pen and pencil set. To truly ‘wow’ your people, you need to think beyond the traditional. Get creative with your holiday gifts for your employees!

Corporate Holiday Gifts: the Ultimate Guide

The Difference Between a Client Gift and an Employee Gift

Corporate holiday gifts for employees should be different from clients’ gifts. For example, an employee gift doesn’t necessarily need to have your logo on it. However, you can put a logo on a client gift (to keep your company ‘top-of-mind’ when they use it). Also, it depends on how many people you have in your employ. You might not want to give each one the same value gift as, say, your most significant and best client.

Why Should You Give Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gift-giving is a tradition that goes back decades in the United States. The best reasons for corporate gift-giving includes:

  • Giving gifts to clients show how much you appreciate them.
  • A well-chosen gift will be a constant reminder for your client.
  • Giving a corporate gift is a fantastic way to increase customer loyalty.
  • Gifting is a great way to increase the affinity clients have for your company.
  • Giving a corporate gift can cement the relationship you have with your customers.

Who Should Get a Corporate Holiday Gift?

If you’re going to be giving gifts, you want to make sure nobody feels left out in the holiday cold. Here are the people you should consider when starting your holiday gift buying:

  • Employees
  • Colleagues
  • Clients and customers
  • Potential clients
  • Suppliers
  • Charities and NGOs

The Best Holiday Gifts For Employees

Depending on your holiday budget, you can give many beautiful corporate holiday gifts. Here are our corporate holiday gift picks that your employees are sure to appreciate. They include:

A Portable Battery Charger for Smartphones

Today practically everyone on the planet has a smartphone. Unfortunately, everyone also has the same problem; dead smartphone batteries. That’s why portable battery chargers for smartphones are practically perfect corporate holiday gifts! The website Power Banks Depot has plenty of branded options for portable battery chargers.

The Best Holiday Gifts For Employees charger

A Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves music, which makes a Bluetooth-enable speaker one of the best corporate holiday gifts. It’s a generous client gift, too (especially if it has your logo printed on it)! Check out this unique color-changing speaker from Brookstone. 

The Best Holiday Gifts For Employees blue tooth

A Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler

Coffee is one of the best corporate holiday gifts that make corporate life churn. A vacuum-insulated tumbler will keep everyone’s java hot and delicious! Plus, it will keep everyone’s motivation and concentration at peak levels! Amazon has several cost-effective options for these types of tumblers. 

A Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler holiday gift guide

Aromatherapy Candles

Life today can be stressful for your employees; it’s true. That’s why aromatherapy candles make our list of the best corporate holiday gifts. Giving them the gift of aromatherapy candles can help them to relax. That’s good for them and good for business! You could even try purchasing locally-made candles from places like Etsy

Corporate Holiday Gifts: the Ultimate Guide

Store Your Corporate Gifts Until the Holidays

You may need quite a few corporate holiday gifts. One of the best solutions to store them until the gift-giving time is a storage unit from SecurCare. Clean and easy to access, a storage unit lets you keep your gift-giving plans a secret. It’s also affordable and safe and will save you lots of valuable space at your office.

We hope you enjoyed our Corporate Holiday Gift Guide! To our readers, we wish you the happiest of holidays. Also, the best of luck with all your gift-giving plans!

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