How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Cleaning your dishwasher sounds useless, right? It washes itself every time you run it…or so you thought. We have news for you—it’s necessary to do a modest clean every month and a deep clean every 6 months (shocker!). Don’t worry, we have an easy dishwasher cleaner DIY guide for you:

Dishwasher Cleaner DIY Guide

What to clean every month:

Drain & Filter

Take the bottom rack of your dishwasher out and examine the drain. Many dishwasher models have a filter behind the drain. Unscrew the drain and remove the excess debris and the filter. Clean the filter with an old toothbrush and dish soap. Let it dry completely before you put it back in.

Filter or drain removal varies so check your owner’s manual to find out how to remove yours.


The seal is the bottom part of the door. This area holds water in and can accumulate gunk. Wipe it down with a soapy washcloth and dry with a towel.

Inside Edges

The inside of your dishwasher gets clean every time you run it, but the area on the outside that the door closes on can get dirty; drips from putting dirty dishes in transfer from the door to the outer rim when you close the door. Wipe this area down with a soapy washcloth and dry. If there is tough buildup, scrub with a sponge first.

Silverware Basket

Take out the silverware basket and clean with warm, soapy water. Scrub between the basket grates with a toothbrush or a bottle/straw cleaner.

What to clean every 6 months:

Water Sprayers

Your machine’s sprayers can become clogged with buildup from the water and from food debris. Use a toothpick to scrape off the buildup and scrub with an old toothbrush.

Interior Walls

Scrub the interior walls with a soapy sponge to remove buildup from detergent or water deposits. After you’ve cleaned the walls, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and let sit for a few hours. Finally, run a cycle with an empty load.

A clean dishwasher means clean dishes. Don’t ignore your dishwasher and use our dishwasher cleaner DIY guide every month and every 6 months.

Keep your home sparkling clean with these tips:

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