7 DIY Ideas & Projects to Organize Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be an oasis—not a junk drawer for expired eyeshadows and contact cases. Revive your restroom without a remodel. Start small with these bathroom organization DIY projects and ideas.

Buildable Bathroom Organization DIY Ideas

Tin Can Towel Storage

Materials Needed For this DIY Bathroom Organization Idea

  • 4-6 tin cans, depending on how many hand towels you want to store
  • Thin wood panel: Your dimensions will be dependent on your number of cans.
  • Fabric of your choice: Get enough fabric to cover both the tin cans and the wood panel.
  • Ribbon of your choice, ½ inch or thinner
  • Modge Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss
  • Foam brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small screws
  • Drywall screws (optional)


  1. Use the foam brush and Modge Podge to cover the tin cans and wood panel completely.
  2. Apply 2-3 more coats, 15 minutes apart. Allow cans to dry for 8-10 hours before proceeding.
  3. Use the hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the edge of each can.
  4. Using the drill and screws, attach each can to the wood board.
  5. If attaching to the wall, use a drill to install the drywall screws.

Oatmeal Container Storage

It turns out that oatmeal containers are THE perfect size for toilet paper rolls. Use Mod Podge to glue paper or fabric around the outside. And just like that—you’re done! A normal oatmeal container can store 2 rolls of TP, making it the perfect size to keep next to the toilet.

Pro-Tip: These DIY canisters also make great storage for plastic bags and toilet brushes. 

DIY Stud Earring Holder

Whether out on the counter or under a cabinet, display your studs with style! Full tutorial here.

Sneaky Storage Solution Ideas for DIY Bathroom Organization

  • Over-the-door storage: Install a shelf over your bathroom door to create vertical storage. This is the perfect place for surplus items such as washcloths, towels and toilet paper.
  • Nifty clippies: Typically used to store brooms, grip clips can be used for hair tools and electric toothbrushes too. Install them inside or on the outside of cabinets. Find them on Amazon here.
  • Rod racks: Tension rods work wonders for under-sink storage. Use them to hang spray bottles. Pro-Tip: You can also use tension rods to store shoes
  • Magnetic minis: Use a magnetic strip to hang metal knick-knacks like bobby pins, tweezers, and nail clippers.

Now that your bathroom is reorganized, try some of these home hacks, ideas, and DIYs:

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