5 helpful self storage safety tips

In addition to certain restrictions on item suitability, consider these five helpful storage tips to keep you and your belongings safe.

Flood Preparation is Critical

Flood waters can cause significant damage to your home and belongings, and some regions are at a higher risk of falling victim to destructive flooding.

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

According to Ready.gov, there are many natural disasters that can put you, your family and your home in danger.

Preparing for a Wildfire in California

California is currently suffering from a substantial drought. The Wall Street Journal noted the Sierra Snowpack, which melts into various reservoirs and provides one third of the state’s water supply, is only 5 percent of its normal size.

Dealing with a Flood

Floods can leave extraordinary damage in their wake. Thawing ice and spring rains can increase the risk of flooding, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.