Flood Preparation is Critical

Flood waters can cause significant damage to your home and belongings, and some regions are at a higher risk of falling victim to destructive flooding. According to Just for Buyers Realty, interested homebuyers should make sure they understand the flood zones in areas they might purchase a house.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, many residents enjoy beautiful coastal views and a vibrant community. However, flooding can be a serious threat due to its proximity to water sources.

If you live in, or are considering moving to, a region like Wilmington, ensuring protection during significant downpours and dangerous storms should be one of your top priorities. Follow these tips if floods threaten your home and family:

Prepare ahead of time
According to the National Weather Service, being prepared for when disaster strikes your community is crucial. You and your family should have an evacuation plan, a readily available emergency kit and stay updated on current weather conditions and flood risks in your area.

In addition, you may want to relocate some of your more sentimental items, such as photographs, to a climate-controlled storage unit. North Carolina self storage provides residents with an option to keep their belongings safe during flooding.

Be aware of the flood-related history in your area
While everyone may be impacted by floods, some might be at a higher risk than others. For example, living near a river or system of streams can increase your chances of flooding greatly. High water levels and fast-moving water may cause routine flooding.

Know the history of floods in the area as well as understanding when floods occurred during previous years and how high water rose, can help you calculate your risk. In addition, if you plan on building a home, make sure you find flood records to determine whether you have decided to build your house in a safe area that is less likely to experience flooding. This is crucial when your property is near a water source.

To ensure your belongings remain safe if severe weather or flooding is expected to hit your community, head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility and speak with a professional about available storage units.