How to Tackle Boat Storage for Bait and Beyond

Whether you fish professionally or as a pastime, all fishermen need boat tackle storage ideas. And there’s a lot of you out there. More than 49 million cast their lines in 2017, making fishing America’s second most popular outdoor activity.

Boats can get you to the perfect position, but they can’t catch the fish for you. And with a limited area onboard, you have to maximize space for your must-have gear.

You can increase your odds of success if your fishing tackle is organized, enabling you to focus your energy on what lies beneath. Check out these time-saving boat tackle storage ideas:

Try transparent trays.

Pulling out trays to find a specific hook is a guessing game that gets old quickly. Instead, use transparent trays that enable you to sneak a peek inside without physically opening them.

Add boat tackle storage drawers.

Take advantage of available space. Tackle boxes that tilt out and/or feature drawers can be installed nearly anywhere on your boat. Buy one specifically for fishing or repurpose plastic drawers from your office space.

Label everything.

When you have heaps of hooks, see-thru trays may not be enough. Use a permanent marker or label maker to add an extra layer of identification.

Color-code rods.

Once you factor in the boat you’re on, the water you’re in and the fish you’re trying to catch, rods aren’t exactly a one-size-fits-all type of equipment. To avoid pole pandemonium, color-code them with bright wraps. Our favorite materials include tennis racket grips and neon duct tape. Learn how to store fishing rods when you’re not on the water.

Consider your positioning.

Where do you typically cast your line when you’re on a boat? Whether it’s from the stem or stern, store your most-used tackle in the location closest to you. This makes it easier to put items away and reduces the risk for loss or damage.

Pro-Tip: Store your rods and gear in neighboring locations.

Utilize boat compartments.

What closets are to homes, compartments are to boats. Newer boats are stuffed with storage. And because boats are used for a wide variety of activities, these compartments can be multipurpose, making them ideal to hold any fishing gear.

For example, this pro fisherman has a genius hack for optimizing built-in boat storage to double as an insulated tackle lure holder.

Now that you know how to tackle boat storage for bait and beyond, learn how to store your rods at home.