3 Easy DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If you’re like us and you get the ambition to take on a DIY project after an HGTV marathon of Flea Market Flip, we’ve got the perfect project for you. Spruce up your bathroom vanity to give your powder room a whole new look. Check out these DIY bathroom vanity ideas:

DIY Vanity Ideas #1: Upcycle a Nightstand

Upcycle a nightstand into a sink.

Whether your style is antique or farmhouse-chic, it’s easy to transform any small piece of furniture into your ideal vanity. Find a dresser at the flea market or thrift store for a budget-friendly option. All you need is sandpaper, paint, and primer to achieve the look you want.

Remember, for this DIY you’ll need to retrofit the furniture item to the sink. This may mean cutting a hole for the sink, taking out drawers, or cutting the back to fit the plumbing.

DIY Bathroom Ideas #2: Floating Vanity

DIY floating bathroom vanity

Remove the baseboard from any pre-existing cabinet to create a floating vanity. Safety first— secure the cabinet to the wall before you start this DIY. For a modern look, remove the doors from your pre-existing cabinet and paint the inside a fun color. For a custom look, add wood-look trim to the shelf edges.

DIY Vanity Idea #3: Paint + Change Hardware

Paint your vanity and add hardware

The easiest way to spruce up your vanity is to give it a coat of paint and add new hardware. When you swap out the standard and dated hardware for fresh and fun pulls, your vanity is instantly updated. For example, modern, gold-brushed handles can take your vanity from washed out to West Elm.

Another easy DIY swap: Switch the mirror above your vanity and replace it with a mirror that matches the feel of your new hardware.

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Originally published on 12/05/2019, upated on 11/09/2021.

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