Valentine’s 2021 Date Night Ideas During COVID

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. With it, big plans by millions to do something romantic and fun. With the pandemic still hanging around, date plans could be different this year. Some States still have quarantine rules in place. What that means for friends and lovers is, this year, you’ll need to think about some inventive date night ideas during COVID for Valentine’s 2021.

There’s no reason Valentine’s 2021 can’t still be fun. To help you have a romantic time, we’ve present this list of 7 Valentine’s ideas that are COVID-safe. We think you’ll agree; they’re fun, exciting, and sweet. So enjoy, and have a safe Valentine’s Day.

Date Night Idea #1: Online Cooking Class

One date night idea during COVID is an online cooking class. If both of you love to cook, there are lots of options for online cooking classes you can take together. Not only will you learn something new, but you’ll also work together to create a delish dish you can share! If you’re a new couple, it’s a great way to find out what you both enjoy, food-wise. You could also order from a pre-packaged meal service and cook that together. (That way, you won’t have to go food shopping.) Whichever you choose, make sure to have your fave adult beverage on-hand to make it even more special.

By the way, if cooking isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other online classes to take. Painting classes, for example, or Yoga, music, even a new language! Whatever you choose, it’s bound to be more fun because you’re doing it together!

Date Night Idea #2: Online Karaoke

There’s nothing more fun than karaoke together (especially if you can’t sing to save your life). That used to mean finding a karaoke bar, but not anymore. On YouTube, there’s a fantastic channel with hundreds of songs. Even better, they’ve taken out the lyrics so you can sing them yourself. (There are screen prompts if you don’t remember the words, no worries.) Either way, it’s an enjoyable way to spend this most romantic of days. (Our recommendation; sing your sweetheart a tender love song.) This would make an excellent Valentine’s 2021 date night during COVID plan,

Valentine's 2021 Date Night Ideas During COVID

Date Night Idea #3: Serve Breakfast in Bed

Bring this classic idea back for Valentine’s 2021! othing says, “I love you a bunch” more than serving your significant other breakfast in bed. (That’s especially true if they usually do the cooking.) Remember to find out what their fave breakfast meal is, of course. Or maybe just surprise them with something special, like Eggs Benedict and a Mimosa. (Yummy!) It’s a great way to start your Valentine’s day with a full belly and a smile on your face.

Date Night Idea #4: Have a Picnic

Social distancing in, say, a restaurant, mall, or store isn’t so easy. At your local park, though, there’s plenty of space to keep your distance from others. If the one near you is open, you can plan a picnic there and enjoy some romance in the sunshine and fresh air. (We recommend bringing lots of finger foods so you can take turns feeding each other.) If your local park isn’t where you want to be, you can have a picnic in your living room! Spread out a blanket, prepare some yummy treats, and you’re all set! We love this idea for Valentine’s 2021.

Date Night Idea #5: Candlelight Dinner

Yes, lots of restaurants are still closed. You can make your own, though, by renting a storage unit and turning it into a one-day-only bistro! How’s that for a date night idea during COVID? This one will take a bit of planning but could be a real blast! For example, you could bring dozens of candles and give the place a romantic glow. Bring a portable speaker too, because music can really set the mood. You can make your own meal or order one for delivery. Voila! Your personal restaurant is open for business and ready for a romantic evening!

Date Night Idea #6: Movie Marathon

Today you can easily stream all of your fave movies at home, so why not have a romantic movie marathon! Even better, you could rent a massive movie screen and invite other couples to attend also. (Make sure you space all your chairs 6 feet apart!) Here are a few of the best romantic movies of all time to make your choices easier:

  • Bridges of Madison County
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Dirty Dancing
  • An Officer and a Gentleman
  • The Way We Were
  • Love and Basketball
  • Moonstruck
  • A Star is Born (Any version.)
  • Ghost (So darn good!)
  • Titanic
  • The Bodyguard
  • The Notebook
Date Night Idea  During COVID

Date Night Idea #7: Indoor Treasure Hunt

This one could be a lot of fun! You and your BAE can hide little (or big, your choice) gifts around the house and give each other clues on how to find them. Or have a scavenger hunt and see who can find everything the fastest. (Loser has to cook dinner!) It’s fun, silly, and could be romantic as all get out! Plus, when you’re done, you can snuggle! Sounds like the perfect date night idea during COVID to us!

Virtual Hugs From SecurCare Self Storage

Yes, Valentine’s Day this year will be different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. From everyone here at SecurCare, we wish you a wonderful Valentine’s filled with joy. When this pandemic is all said and done, you two might want to move in together. If that’s the case, SecurCare is here to help with all of your storage and moving needs.

Hopefully, next year, this nasty pandemic will be in our rearview mirrors. Be safe, stay healthy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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