How to Store Cigars

In the world of cigars, you’ll find many devoted enthusiasts. Cigars are one of the most popular tobacco products in the world, and there are many premium brands. Some cigars yield high prices, especially from influential cigar-producing countries like Cuba. Given that cigars are so common, you may wonder how to store cigars. If so, read on!

Today many cigar enthusiasts have cigar collections big and small. Indeed, many celebrities collect and enjoy cigars. There’s even a magazine devoted to cigar collecting. However, one vital question many new cigar fans have is how to store cigars properly. They wonder how to protect their precious cigar collection, and many come to SecurCare for help and advice.

If you have an extensive collection you need to store, this article will provide that advice. Even if you’re just getting started with your cigar-collecting hobby, the info below will be of value. We’ll take a look at how to store cigars correctly, where to store them, and more. If that’s the information you’re looking for today, read on.

Some Quick Facts about Cigars

Cigars are so prevalent today that many folks don’t realize fine cigars are fragile. Like fine wines, you must store cigars correctly so they don’t degrade. Fine cigars are a natural, organic product, and, as such, they are prone to damage from extreme temperature and humidity changes. If you leave your cigars unprotected in an air-conditioned room, it can destroy them. (Less than an hour is all it takes!)

Luckily, there are storage devices that will protect your cigars for years to come. If you appreciate your cigar collection, one device we’ll look at below is essential.

how to store cigars

Devices for Storing Cigars Properly

The one device that looms over all when storing cigars is the humidor. Humidors, as their name suggests, keep cigars in a humid environment. The goal is to create an environment similar to where the tobacco was grown, fermented, and rolled. So you can think of a tropical island, hot and humid.

How Do Humidors Help Store Cigars?

First, what is a humidor? Above all a humidor is a storage container specifically designed for storing cigars. They work because they control airflow and humidity. Inside a humidor, the humidity level stays between 70 and 75%. This is vital, as near-perfect humidity levels are essential to protect cigars well.

The second essential function of a humidor is to maintain a specific temperature. That temp is between 60℉ and 70℉. That’s a pretty narrow temperature window indeed. Although both factors are important, humidity is the priority.

Humidors also come in a wide variety of sizes. Some humidors are as large as refrigerators, while others are small enough to fit in a briefcase.

One thing to also remember is that a humidor is not a sealed container. Instead, they allow for a small amount of airflow, which helps prevent mold from forming on your cigars. This airflow is also why you shouldn’t stuff your humidor full. Instead, it’s better to leave space between the cigars so they can take advantage of the fresh air flow.

How to Maintain your Humidor

Humidors must be properly cared for like any large appliance. Also, you need to take into account where you store your humidor. For example, out of direct sunlight is a must, and in a location that’s dry and not prone to temperature spikes. (The garage, attic, and basement are not great spots for humidors.)

how to store cigars

How to Store Cigars

Brought to You by SecurCare Self Storage

We hope the information today about cigar storage has been helpful and interesting. At SecurCare Self Storage, we help folks like yourself store all sorts of stuff. Household goods, collections, overstock from their retail business, old medical and office files, you name it.

If you’re storing a big cigar collection, rent a temperature-controlled storage unit. . That way, your storage unit won’t experience temperature spikes that could damage your cigars. Also, consider an indoor storage unit as they tend to have a more stable temperature year-round.

If you have more questions about proper cigar storage, you can chat with us online at any time. Even better, visit the SecurCare self-storage location near you. We have self-storage facilities in 13 states and counting. All our units are clean, safe, and secure. Until then, best of luck storing your cigars!

This post was originally published 03/28/2019. It was updated 07/07/2022.

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