Studying Abroad Safely

If your child in college has decided to study abroad, his or her excitement is likely through the roof, while you might be a little more concerned about how safe he or she will be while traveling through another country. Studying abroad provides students with a great learning opportunity. However, emphasizing safety is also important. International Student, a resource for those studying abroad, noted that while abroad, visitors should abide by certain rules and practices of the country they are staying in. Before sending your child off to study abroad, ask them to keep these tips in mind.

Check in about insurance coverage

Accidents and emergencies happen. When they happen far away from home, it is crucial to ensure your son or daughter can access the necessary help from anywhere in the world. Call your insurance provider and ask about worldwide coverage. If necessary, make changes to your current policy.

Avoid drugs and excessive use of alcohol

Stress the importance of staying safe and respecting limits while abroad. Being in an unfamiliar place while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may turn into a disaster very quickly.

Do not carry valuables

Thieves may take advantage of those who wear expensive jewelry, handbags or clothing. Tell your son or daughter to keep it conservative and not to carry large amounts of cash or other valuables whenever possible. Pick pocketing is more common in areas with a high volume of tourists.

Know where to exchange money

When exchanging money, your child should only work with authorized agents and professional exchange stations. These are often found at airports and train stations. If your child fails to do this, he or she may fall victim to someone who steals money, or he or she may unknowingly be in violation of local laws.

Set a budget

Work out a spending calendar with your son or daughter to help ensure proper money management takes place. While abroad, you may need a place to store your child’s dorm furniture and books. So, finding a storage facility and renting a storage unit is key. Head to a local SecurCare Self Storage facility and speak to a friendly manager about your storage options.