Protecting Old Letters and Photos

Old pictures, family albums, and even priceless letters from your ancestors, serve as windows into the lives of our oldest kin. Keeping these valuable possessions safe is a priority for many. Follow this guide to ensure the preservation of your favorite memories and the documentation of your family history:

Know Where to Store

According to the Photography Museum, keeping your pictures and precious belongings in the basement or attic may not be the best idea. These spaces expose your photos to dangers such as water damage or pests, such as insects or rodents. Keep these precious items in a climate-controlled storage unit. Avoiding humidity, bright light and changing temperatures is a great way to ensure you preserve these memories.

Invest in Non-Acidic Paper for Albums

For photographs cataloged in a family album, ensure you use paper that is non-acidic, lignin-free and made of natural products such as cotton or purified wood pulps, according to the National Archives. This will keep any snapshots protected from damage and deterioration. When creating an album, ensure you write down notes regarding the individuals who are featured in the images and any other information you have regarding the photograph, such as year or location.

Preserve your Old Letters

Letters are an especially valuable keepsake. They can give you insight to the history of your relatives and the lives they lived. This priceless memorabilia is a great way to learn about your family and share their stories with your children and even grandchildren. Keeping them safe is crucial to protect the contents of your letters. If they are currently in a particularly fragile state, you may want to create a digital copy to ensure their contents remain preserved well into the future. Head to a local SecurCare Self Storage facility and speak with a professional about storage options for your treasured photographs and letters.