Storing Your Rug Safely

People rent units in self-storage facilities for dozens of reasons. Maybe they are going to be abroad for the next year and don’t want to pay to keep an apartment they won’t be living in, or perhaps they just need a space for band practice. However, the most common use for a storage unit is to have a safe place to keep items that people no longer have room for in their homes. If you’ve just rented a unit, you may be surprised by how much stuff you have that you don’t require daily access to. For example, that area rug that isn’t needed right now. Here are a few tips to properly store your area rug.

Clean and Dry

If you’re a new storage space renter, “clean and dry” should be your mantra. Whatever you put in your storage unit should always be cleaned and allowed to dry completely before storage, and this goes for carpets too. Dirt and grime can permanently stain your rug, as well as cause odors, while moisture can lead to mildew buildup – neither of which are good signs for your rug. Climate-controlled storage units are usually a good idea to make sure your carpet stays in the best possible condition.

Roll and Protect

While it may seem logical to lay your rug on the floor of your storage unit like, well, a rug, this will just get it dirty. Instead, always roll up your rug to keep dust and dirt from getting into the fibers. When rolling the rug up, make sure you do so with the bottom – the part that normally is on the floor – on the outside. Then, put the entire rug in a protective bag. There are plenty of places to buy such a bag, though brown acid-free paper is also sufficient. Just remember to never store your wool rug in a plastic bag, or it will build up odor and mildew.

Keep It Safe

When you put your rug in the storage unit, make sure you don’t stack anything on top of it. Even if the objects seem light, when left there for long periods of time, they can cause permanent folds on the rug. No matter what your storage needs are, you can find what you’re looking for at your local SecurCare Self Storage.