Keeping Sports Memorabilia Safe

In the classic coming of age film “The Sandlot”, a boy steals his stepfather’s beloved baseball, and unfortunately, it meets a sad fate in the jaws of destruction. While you might not face the same risks seen in this movie, humidity, water damage, ultra violet rays and mildew may destroy your precious belongings. Keep your most valuable sports items safe and secure by following these tips:

Invest in Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are a great way to combat damaging environmental effects, like humidity and UV rays. SportsMemorabilia. com suggested first considering whether you want to show off and display your collection or if you want to keep it safely and securely stored away. Mounting your memorabilia in UV protective shadowboxes allow you to keep items protected while displaying them. You can take your commemorative baseballs, bats, basketballs or other belongings to a professional to have them properly placed in a shadowbox. If you want to ensure your items are safe from deterioration, a professional can also place your memorabilia in an acid-free archival storage box.

Store Your Cards

Collectible sports cards are a favorite of many collectors. If you have a few sleeves of your favorite players, make sure you keep them in great condition. Keeping the quality of the cards high means they are more valuable than a destroyed card. The Cardboard Connection, a resource for card collectors, noted storage boxes serve as an inexpensive and efficient way to store cards, but albums and plastic cases also help protect cards. Keeping your cards in a storage unit might be a safer bet than in the basement or attic, and climate-controlled storage units offer more suitable environmental conditions for these items.

Frame Your Tickets and Jerseys

Tickets and jerseys are especially fun sports memorabilia to have and display. If these items bear the signatures of your favorite players, integrating these collectibles into the design of your home, by hanging them on your walls, is a great way to share your valuables. Take jerseys and tickets to a professional framer. Improper handling or mounting may result in a loss of value, according to Sportsmemorabilia. com. In addition, acid-free matting paper is necessary when framing tickets or other paper-based memorabilia. This ensures your collectible will not be destroyed over time. Properly displaying your sports-related valuables can extend the life of these items, allowing you to capitalize on their value or share them for generations to come. If you’d like to store your collection outside of your house, head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility and speak with a professional today about storing your sports memorabilia.