How to Store Purses

If you have a collection of bags and purses you adore, keeping them stored can be a bit difficult. Your closet is likely filled with clothes and shoes, so finding a spot for your collection requires creativity and organization.

Evaluate Your Purse Storage Needs

Before figuring out a plan for storing your handbags, you should evaluate what available storage space you have and how large your collection is. In addition, decide which bags you use most frequently and which ones you don’t use very often. If you can’t remember using certain bags, or you are not sure when you will use a specific handbag again, consider selling it or giving it away to make space for the items in the collection you regularly use.

Sort Purses by Season and Sizes

When organizing your handbag collection, Decor4All suggested sorting bags and purses based on size and which season you will likely use the bag. This will help you find a bag that meets your needs each time you look for one. For example, if you’re heading to the beach in the summer, you’ll be able to find a large bag for your towels quickly and efficiently. If you want to also organize the bags based on color or material, it can better ensure you are able to quickly find your favorite purse whenever you need it.

How to Store Purses

Use Hooks and Baskets

Installing hooks on the walls of your bedroom or placing baskets inside your closet can serve as a great storage solution for all of your purses, and it’s also visually appealing.

Be Protective!

Bags can easily lose their shape and lose value if stored improperly. Many bags are made of natural, organic material. So, it is critical to store them in a temperature-controlled environment. When storing your bags, keep them protected with acid-free tissue paper stuffed inside to maintain the structure and shape. Also, put them inside a pillowcase or dust-protective bag to ensure optimal protection from the elements. Some bags are especially expensive and by not protecting them, they can lose their value.

Consider Self Storage

To ensure optimal protection of your bags, think about investing in a temperature-controlled storage unit, and keep your bags in this space. SecurCare Self Storage offers affordable storage units for everyone. Reach out to a friendly professional today to discuss available storage options in your area.