Climbing Fourteeners in Colorado

Colorado is well-known for its majestic mountain ranges. If you are interested in climbing some of the tallest peaks, ensure you take the time to properly pack and prepare as climbing a fourteener is no easy task.

Decide on the Level of Difficulty

Before climbing, make sure you select a mountain that everyone in your team is comfortable climbing. Discuss climbing experiences with locals to discern which peak is most appropriate for you and your group’s abilities. Some trails are more difficult than others and require the skills an experienced climber would have acquired.

Understand Acute Mountain Sickness

While the views and the journey are an incredible aspect of climbing a fourteener, these low-oxygen environments can cause acute mountain sickness, according to The Denver Magazine. If you or someone you are climbing with experiences the following symptoms, they may be a victim of this medical condition:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

In some instances, acute mountain sickness can cause fluid to build up in the brain and lungs, which requires immediate descent. Understanding the risks and proper training for mountain climbing is critical for safety, well-being and health.

Identify Your Route

When climbing a fourteener, bring along a map and identify where the trail is located. Typically the standard route is the easiest path for hikers and climbers. If the trail becomes difficult to discern, you should look out for a cairn, which is a noticeable pile of rocks that will help you navigate through the path.

Packing for the Climb

Depending on the mountain you decide to climb, there may be variations in the equipment necessary for the journey. According to 14ers. com, water is one of the most important things you will need. Be sure to pack plenty of this valuable resource. Some additional equipment includes:

  • Food
  • Hiking boots and hiking socks
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Compass
  • Day pack

There are additional items you should bring, but they depend on the type of hike you decide to complete. Winter hiking varies from summer hiking, and overnight trips require even more equipment. From a tent and sleeping bag to snow shoes and ski goggles, climbing a fourteener can be a completely different experience every season. Invest in the appropriate equipment to ensure the safest and most fun adventure.

Storing Equipment

When you aren’t climbing, your gear can take up quite a bit of space. Fortunately, Colorado has two Fort Collins self-storage facilities with affordable units. Head to SecurCare Self Storage today and inquire about available storage units.