Preparing for Halloween? Use a storage unit for your decorations

happy family decorating for halloween with pumpkins and spider

Everyone wants to have the biggest, scariest Halloween decorations in the neighborhood. It’s a point of pride for many households and can even land you on the local news for your efforts. According to Capital One Shopping research, total American spending for Halloween 2023 is projected at $12.2 billion, and the average American has a $108.24 budget for Halloween 2023 supplies, such as costumes and candy.

Many communities and online companies sponsor contests for the most well-done or elaborate Halloween decorations. Social media like TikTok and Instagram are platforms for influence and popularity that can result in paid sponsorship. Showing off your holiday mastery can get you paid and bragging rights.

The giant inflatable pumpkins, skeletons, gravestones across the lawn, and blood-curdling monsters can be a frightening experience. However, figuring out where to store those bone-chilling holiday fixtures the other 11 months of the year shouldn’t be scary.

Storage Options For Scary Stuff

Cramming all your animatronic yard zombies and ghostly light shows into an already crowded attic or basement might sound like a great idea, but don’t you also have numerous other holiday totes there taking up residency?

A storage unit can provide a much better solution to the problem of where to store these decorations. Keeping all this holiday-specific décor mixed in with other Christmas or Valentine’s Day decorations means you lose hours sorting through all these boxes to find what you’re looking for if you can locate it at all.

Instead of cluttering your house with boxes of Halloween decorations for 11 months out of the year, put these decorations in a storage unit. SecurCare Self Storage can hold all your plastic pumpkins and old costumes and keep them safe and ready for next year.

halloween decorations

Teachers Can’t Store Decorations in Classrooms

It’s not just families that need a place to store their Halloween decorations. Teachers often decorate their classrooms to get their students in the holiday mood. It’s a great way to make students excited to come to school, and it’s also a way to make their classes a bit more fun during a time of year that kids typically love.

Once Halloween is over, these teachers often don’t have anywhere to keep all these decorations. Many schools are notoriously overpacked, and extra storage space is limited, if it’s available at all. And bringing home all these decorations to store might not be a viable option for many teachers. Whether they don’t have the room, don’t want to mix their home decorations with their school-specific items, or for some other reason, teachers often need another location to keep their plastic skeletons and black cat statues.

Organize Your Storage Unit for Halloween

Using a storage unit for your Halloween décor can keep you organized for next year and keep your basement and attic free for more frequently used items. Here are some steps to get you started.

Gather Supplies

Use boxes or plastic bins to house your items. You will also want to collect packing materials like bubble wrap or tissue paper for any breakable items. You don’t want to guess where everything is the following year, so grab some markers and labels as well.

Sort and Declutter

You will want to organize your Halloween décor. Sort them into outside and inside decorations, props, costumes, etc. Discard any ripped or damaged items, and donate any costumes that no longer fit or suit your needs.

Clean and Dry

halloween decorations with spider webs and creepy chair

Wipe down all outside decorations to remove dirt and debris. Ensure they are completely dry before storing them to prevent mold and mildew.

Pack Small Items

Use small boxes or storage containers for smaller items like candles, fake spiders, and other props. Place similar items together, and make sure you label the containers.

Wrap Fragile Items

For anything delicate, like glass or ceramic items, you will want to wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper before putting them in a box. Make sure to fill the empty spaces with more packing material to prevent damage, and remember to mark the box as FRAGILE.

Protect Costumes

You will want to store your costumes in airtight bags or containers to prevent moisture or insect damage.

Label Everything

We cannot stress this enough. Label everything. Label each container with a list of contents. Labels will make it easier to find a particular item or group of items.

Keep Lights Untangled

Wrap your string lights around a piece of cardboard or a spool to prevent them from tangling. You can store them in a box or storage bin or hang them using magnetic hooks.


giant skeleton with halloween decorations

Store your motorized props and animatronics in a temperature-controlled storage unit because high temperatures can damage latex, and cold temperatures can damage electronics. Remember to remove your batteries. Make sure these are free-standing in your storage unit and do not place any boxes on top of these items.

Once you have additional space to store all your Halloween decorations, you can expand your collection and finally get that life-sized Styrofoam coffin or the backdrops and scene setters that can transform your haunted house into a truly spine-chilling experience for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Contact SecurCare Self Storage today and reserve a storage unit for all your Halloween decorations.

Happy Haunting!