The Best Way to Pack a Moving Truck

Moving to a new home is stressful, and it’s easy to become disorganized as you try to pack up all of your belongings and load them into a moving truck in the best way possible. If you manage to keep things orderly during your move, the entire process will be smoother and less painful.

Best Way to Pack a Moving Truck: Tips

Though many people manage to pack their boxes effectively and are fastidious about labels, it’s rare for people to consider the best way to pack the moving truck they rented from a self storage facility. Here are some tips to fit everything into a truck safely and securely:

Pack Small

If you’re using a truck for your move, you want to move items in and out of the vehicle quickly. To make this process easy, opt for a smaller box that will be easy to carry and stack. Reserve large boxes for pillows, blankets, and other bulky items that are lightweight. Otherwise, you could end up with a collection of boxes that are too heavy to carry, too unwieldy to stack, and too cluttered to effectively organize or label. On a similar note, disassemble all furniture before you load it into the truck. While it might seem easier to move a dresser with the drawers inside, they’ll increase the weight and may fall out when you’re carrying the piece.

Distribute the Weight

Make sure heavy items are spread evenly throughout the moving truck bed when you pack. If you end up stacking heavy items on one side of the truck, you’ll notice it once you hit the road. Avoid any unpleasant driving surprises and consider items’ weights as you load things up. Before you move anything into the truck, sort items by weight. Then, load the heaviest items first. This will prevent you from accidentally stacking a heavy item on top of something more fragile.

Use Plastic Wrap and Blankets

Items will naturally shift as you drive down the road, and this can lead to minor dings and scrapes on prized pieces of furniture. To avoid this issue, make extensive use of moving blankets that shield furniture surfaces from impact when you pack your moving truck. You can also wrap dissembled furniture together using plastic, so loose pieces don’t bounce around. If you’re planning a move, visit SecurCare Self Storage. Many facilities offer moving trucks, and every location has the space you need to make your move simple and stress-free.