Organizing Your Closet

If you are unable to find your favorite sweater, your dress pants for that important client meeting or a pair of matching shoes, it might be time to organize your bedroom closet. Sometimes this space can become incredibly cluttered and chaotic. Set aside some time this weekend and make your closet useful again.

Decide What to Keep and What to Let Go of

There are likely quite a few items in your closet that are out of season, out of style or no longer usable. Go through everything in your closet and separate it into what you use regularly, what you use on occasion and what you can part with. Throw out, sell or give away any items you no longer need and consider renting a storage unit for the items you do not regularly use. This can give you a great deal of extra space in your closet and help you stay more organized throughout the year.

Have a Varied Closet System

Don’t just settle for hangers as your only method of organizing stored items. Use cubbies, drawers, shelves and even a small dresser to keep everything in a neat and clean designated place. Hooks are another great tool that can help you optimize the space in your closet, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Also, incorporate lighting into this space. It should be easy to see and find items whenever you are searching for something.

Use Proper Placement

Know where you will store shoes, blankets, towels, jackets and other items in your closet. Having similar items grouped together will help when you need to find something. In addition, you will want to organize your closet so you do not wrinkle or bend any formal clothing. Try to incorporate a hanging space for all of your clothes that need to be hung.

Make Laundry Loads Easier

Develop a system for sorting and collecting all of your laundry. Apartment Therapy recommends using stackable baskets, so you can easily carry your dirty clothes out of the closet and to the washing machine. If you have clothing items that require special care, have a designated spot for them, so you do not have to dig through all of your dirty clothes to ensure you don’t wash your delicates. Organizing your closet can help you save a great deal of time that you would otherwise spend searching through all of your possessions. Stop into a SecurCare Self Storage facility today to discuss rates and find a home for some of your more cumbersome and less-used closeted items.