Moving Tips for Military Families

Typically, families in the military will move every three years and sometimes even more frequently. Constantly moving to a new home in a new area, surrounded by new people, can be especially difficult for children. If you are serving and have young children, follow these tips to help make adjusting to life easier for your young ones:

Be Positive

When moving, it is critical to maintain a positive attitude, noted Care. com. “The way parents handle the move is important,” said Beverly Roman, an author of over 30 books on relocation. “Children will pick up on your mood. . . It’s important to have a good, combined family effort when you have to move. It’s a time for your family to pull together and show a good team effort.”

Encourage Older Children to Help

When kids feel engaged in decisions they also feel like they are in more control. Ask your children to help with research. Learn about area attractions, schools and the community together to stimulate more excitement. Focusing on the best parts of the move will get kids more excited and interested in their new home.

Express Feelings

Don’t allow your kids to avoid talking about the feelings they have surrounding the move. If they are sad about leaving friends or enrolling in a new school, don’t allow them to think you are dismissing these feelings. When discussing how everyone feels about moving, let them know how you will support them throughout the move. Also, consider asking if they have any suggestions for assisting with the community adjustment. When you empower them, it will help with the transition.

Implement Regularity and Embrace Familiarity

While moving entails new beginnings, remember adjusting to a new home may require you to foster the old and familiar. Have your young ones complete the same chores they did at your previous home and encourage them to keep in contact with their old friends. Invest in some new stationery so they can become pen pals and maintain contact with everyone they love and miss.

Redecorate Their Rooms

When kids move to a new home, they also get a new room. Ask them if they are interested in redecorating their rooms. It may get your young ones excited to move into a new place. Store old furniture or belongings that won’t be incorporated in the new design in a climate-controlled storage unit. SecurCare Self Storage offers friendly and professional service. Ask about available storage units and pricing in your area.