Improving Your Attic Access

If you have an attic in your home, you may not be fully utilizing the available space. According to the Washington Post, many individuals store everything from unwanted gifts to hand-me-downs in their attics. This part of the home can quickly and easily become cramped, stuffy and full of forgotten possessions, so follow these tips to regain access to your attic:

Make Decisions and Begin Organizing

When you head up to the attic, the first thing you can do to improve the space is divide all items upstairs into three categories, noted RealSimple. By figuring out what to keep, throw away and give or sell, you can start down the path toward better organization. Once you’ve divided items, ensure you clearly label them to avoid mistakenly throwing away wedding pictures or love letters between your grandparents. In addition, labeling the belongings you want to keep will help you a great deal when you’re trying to access them in the attic. You may also want to place belongings you will keep in storage inside a clear container so you can also identify the contents quickly.

Install Shelves and Other Organization Structures

Staying organized is easier when there is a designated spot for everything. Installing shelves or having drawers that are intended to store specific items will better ensure that your belongings remain in the correct spot and are easy to find.

Create a New Purpose

While organizing your attic, don’t shy away from developing a new purpose for the space. If you would like a nook to read in or a space to get some of your work done, transform your attic to accommodate your unique needs. Simply add a few pieces of furniture to establish a purpose with the space and ensure your stored belongings are not in the way. Have a little fun decorating and adding light to the attic as well to keep it from appearing dingy.

Consider Additional Storage

If you find your attic is too crowded despite your organization efforts, think about renting a climate-controlled storage unit. By investing in a unit, you can keep your items safe and protected throughout the year. SecurCare Self Storage has a plethora of affordable storage units at many locations across the U. S. Call a friendly professional today to discuss availability and rates.