Important Factors to Consider When Moving to Indianapolis, IN

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Moving to any new city can be a big challenge and change, including moving to Indianapolis, Indiana. Before you move, one of the best things to do is research your soon-to-be new city to determine if it fits your needs and desires and will be a place where you’re happy, satisfied, and content to live and work. To help you do precisely that, SecurCare Self Storage put together the following detailed information and essential factors to consider when moving to Indianapolis (including storage in Indianapolis). Read on to discover the pros and cons of this “big small town” below.

Why Should You Move to Indianapolis?

There are many excellent reasons why people are moving to Indianapolis! Below are some top reasons folks move to the charming Midwestern Indy!

You Get to Experience all 4 Seasons

If you’re a fan of the differences between the 4 seasons, you’ll thoroughly enjoy living in Indy! Yes, the winters can be cold and snowy, but they won’t last an interminable amount of time. Spring is refreshing, fall brings abundant colors, and summer is hot but not too hot. In short, you get the best of all 4 seasons!

Midwestern Hospitality

Friendly and welcoming might seem cliche to some, but in Indianapolis, they define the city well. Indy offers midwestern hospitality at its finest, with tight-knit neighborhoods, volunteerism, community events, and more. The city is also highly walkable and has a cozy feel not found in many U.S. cities.

Excellent Transportation Options

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From an extensive system of bike lanes to IndyGo, the city’s top-notch bus system, Indianapolis makes it easy to get around. There’s also the IndyGo Red Line, their Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, and an easy-to-navigate road and highway system in and outside the city.

An Exciting and Inviting Downtown

Only some downtown areas can match Indy’s excitement, nightlife, and entertainment opportunities. From various (and varied) live music venues to museums, restaurants, and clubs, there’s something for everyone in Downtown Indianapolis!

A Rich Sports Culture

If you’re an NFL fanatic, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the Indianapolis Colts, who went to the Super Bowl twice with QB Peyton Manning and won Super Bowl XLI in 2017! The NBA’s Pacers are also a big draw, and of course, there’s the Indianapolis 500 and the annual NCAA basketball tournament, among several others!

How is the Housing Market in Indianapolis?

According to SmartAsset, Indianapolis is one of the best cities in the United States for 1st-time home buyers, which is excellent news for young American families! The city ranked #22 among 185 metro areas in the U.S., based on 4 different metrics: affordability, growth potential, competition, and social data. Interestingly, the data also showed that homes in Indianapolis stay on the market for approximately 5 days or less!

One big positive is that housing costs in Indianapolis are quite reasonable. Best Places shows that the housing cost index in Indy is 62.7/100, nearly 40% lower than the national average. The median home price is a surprisingly low $221,900, almost $110,000 lower than the U.S. average. For families looking to buy their 1st-home, that’s a huge advantage if you’re considering on moving to Indianapolis.

Community and Lifestyle in Indianapolis

As mentioned Indianapolis is a welcoming city with many tight-knit communities, a deep sports culture, and a vibrant downtown area. Sports unite Indianapolis more than most American cities, especially the NFL and Indy 500. Indy is well-known as a big city with a small-town vibe. It must be noted, though, that the crime rates in Indianapolis are significantly higher than the U.S. national average. Violent crime, for example, is 63.4/100 compared to the national average of 22.7/100. Property crime is similar as well

Frequently Asked Questions about Life in Indianapolis, IN

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Q: What are the job opportunities in Indianapolis?

A: Indy has a robust job market as of this writing, with job growth of over 40% and one of the highest projected growth rates in the country. Also, unemployment sits significantly lower than the U.S. average at 2.8%. Average salaries in Indy are just over $54,000, and the city has seen a year-over-year job increase of 2.5%.

Q: What is the Cost of Living in Indianapolis?

A: Indianapolis’s overall cost of living is 84.9, about 15% lower than the national average (100). Utilities and groceries stand out at 90.8 and 93.6, respectively.

Q: Is the Indianapolis School System Well-Ranked?

A: With a B ranking, it can be said that Indy’s public school system is good but not great. There are 256 public schools in the city, and many are rated A+, but just as many get Bs and Cs. Choosing your new neighborhood should be done with care if you have children in school so that you live in a community connected to one of the city’s better schools.

Q: What storage solutions are available in Indianapolis?

A: SecurCare Self Storage has 12 self-storage facilities in Indianapolis to serve the public. They offer the top amenities and features in the storage industry. From drive-up storage units to temperature controlled storage units, 24/7 video security, electronic front gates, tenant insurance, and month-to-month leases.

Q: Does Indianapolis Offer Many Outdoor Activities?

A: As far as big cities go, Indy lacks outdoor activities, with smaller public parks and a surrounding landscape that is relatively flat and geared towards agriculture. In other words, there’s not a lot of hiking, climbing, or mountain biking activity to be found unless you venture far outside the city. That said, Indy is within a few hour driving distance of Hoosier National Forest and the spectacular Mammoth Cave National Park.

Store Your Belongings Safely and Affordably with SecurCare Self Storage

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