How to Pack Shoes for Moving

One of the more complex things to pack when moving is shoes. Shoes are relatively bulky, sometimes dirty, and come in a massive variety of sizes and shapes. Learning how to pack shoes for moving will help you keep them in good shape and keep everything else from becoming dirty!

Get Rid of the Shoes You Don’t Want, Need or Wear

Here’s the thing; you don’t want to move shoes, boots, and sneakers that you don’t want, need, or use. The reason why is that, when moving, you pay for the weight and amount of space your belongings take up on the moving truck.

Sure, shoes and sneakers don’t weigh a lot (unless you have a metric ton of them), but they do take up a lot of space. That, as we mentioned, could increase your moving costs, maybe substantially. In short, if you have many pairs that you aren’t wearing, getting rid of them is vital. That way, you won’t pay all sorts of extra money to ship shoes that you won’t ever wear.

The best way to do this is to sort them into three piles; keep, donate, and trash. The shoes you put into the keep pile should, obviously, be packed. You can give donated shoes to Goodwill and other similar charitable organizations. Lastly, really gross, damaged, or completely destroyed shoes should simply be tossed in the trash.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Use Individual Boxes for Your Best Pairs of Shoes

Let’s be honest; some pairs of shoes and sneakers cost a bundle! When you spend a lot of money on shoes, you want to make sure that they stay in great shape. For that reason, your best pairs of shoes and sneakers should be individually boxed. If you have the original box they came in from the store, great! If not, there are plastic and cardboard shoeboxes you can purchase at your local big-box store (or, of course, online).

Stuff Packing Paper or Socks in Each Pair

Typically, when you purchase a new pair of shoes or sneakers, they’re filled with paper to help keep their shape. The same thing can be done to pack shoes when you’re moving so that your nicer pairs of shoes and sneakers don’t get crushed or creased.

If you choose to stuff them with paper, we suggest using a lighter packing paper as it will crumple easily. Also, definitely use clean packing paper rather than, for example, newspaper. Newspaper ink doesn’t dry completely and can leave nasty stains that, in some cases, won’t come out. If using socks, stuff them as far into the shoe or sneaker as possible. If you need to squeeze in more than one, that’s OK too.

Pack a Few Pairs in a Box and Write “Shoes” on the Side

If you need shoes and sneakers immediately when you arrive, pack a few together in a 1.5 cubic foot box. (i.e., a book carton) Also, be sure to write “shoes” on the side to identify the box quickly. That way, you’ll be able to unpack your shoes immediately in your new home (and not go nuts looking for them).

Use Rubber Bands To Keep Pairs Together

Some packing experts recommend tying shoes and sneakers together with their laces, but we disagree. (It’s a lot of work and effort to both tie and then untie them.) Instead, when packing shoes for moving purchase a bag of medium-sized rubber bands and use them to keep pairs together. It’s much faster and easier both when packing and unpacking them. Plus, you won’t have to dig through a huge box to find a matching pair.

Pack Heavier Shoes and Boots in the Bottom of the Box

As with almost everything in your home, packing heavier shoes and boots in the bottom of a moving box is best. This protects the lighter-weight shoes on top and also makes the box easier and safer to carry. This is especially vital if you plan to store your things in a storage unit. The reason why is that, over time, heavy shoes can damage the lighter pairs on the bottom.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Get Started Early

This last tip is more about timing than packing, but it’s still essential. Moving to a new home can be exciting but also highly stressful. To reduce your stress, we recommend starting to pack as early as possible.

At SecurCare Self Storage, we offer packing materials that make packing all your things much more manageable. From moving boxes to tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and more, you can find all your packing supplies here.

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Even better, you can use this page to locate your local SecurCare location. Our onsite manager will be pleased to show you around and get the rental process started. Until then, best of luck packing your shoes and all of your other household goods. And, of course, best of luck with your move!

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