Hair Accessory Harmony: How to Systemize and Store Your Scrunchies

Much like socks—scrunchies, headbands and bobby pins seem like they’re against us. They’re in your car, purse and cabinets…until they’re not. Why do these hair holders always disappear when you need one? Here’s how to organize scrunchies so you never lose one again.

How to Organize Hair Scrunchies

Condense in Containers

We recommend using containers with lids for each type of hair accessory you own. Short, plastic containers are perfect for drawers, while glass jars are ideal for shelves.

Use what you have at home for a quick fix. Salad dressing containers or small food containers fit in drawers and come with lids. Mason jars and old candle jars can be used too—just make sure to wash them first!

Hair accessories in plastic containers in a drawer

Designate a Drawer

Give your scrunchies a home. When you take your hair down, avoid setting your scrunchie on the nearest surface. Force yourself to store it in its corresponding container.

For quick grab access—like when you wash your face or run out for a workout—leave a scrunchie on top of the closed container.

Bathroom drawer with products

Drop on Doorknobs

If you like the look, put your scrunchies where you can see them! Drop 1 or 2 of your go-to ties on your doorknob.

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