From Storage Space to Guy Getaway: How to Turn a Storage Unit into a Man Cave

Mentions of man caves are bouncing beyond House Hunters and spilling into the storage industry. Yes, man cave storage units are a thing now.

Men across the country are using self-storage spaces to create their home away from home.

And we don’t blame them. Man cave storage units can free up space at your house and also serve as an offsite sanctuary. Whether you’re a parent looking for a place to pause, or a fitness fiend searching for a space to create a storage unit gym, we have some tips to help your out-of-house hideaway happen.

Here are some man cave storage ideas:

Do your research.

Before you embark on your man cave mission, carefully read and review your storage facility’s guidelines. Remember, most storage units have industrial zoning. What does that mean for you? You can hang out in your man cave storage unit, as long as you don’t live in it.

Pick a Facility like SecurCare.

Pick somewhere with temperature-controlled storage like SecurCare Self Storage. By offering a variety of self-storage units in several sizes, we also offer some of the most requested features like fenced perimeters and security cameras. We continually strive to satisfy all of our tenants’ storage needs. Chat with us today!

Bring the basics.

Start small. Move in a comfy couch and some small tables, and you instantly have a space to escape.

Personalize it.

Give your man cave purpose. Unlike the rest of your home, which needs to be childproofed or “safe for company”, your den décor can reflect your unique tastes. Will it be a sports-inspired area featuring a foosball table and your favorite recliner? Maybe it’s a makeshift brewery filled with your favorite homemade hops. Whatever it is, make your man cave your own.

Make it a destination.

Yes, your man cave is your personal retreat—but why not invite friends for a day or night out? Here are a few ideas:

  • Play Games: From Connect Four and Fortnite, to poker and Ping-Pong, the game-playing possibilities are plentiful. Because they contain multiple pieces and require extra space, games can be problematic at home. Losing Trivial Pursuit pie pieces to the basement vacuum can make it unplayable. And if you have children, they can make it difficult to concentrate on building roads during Settlers of Catan. Host a game night in your man cave and everyone wins.

Keep Monopoly money safe and accounted for!

  • Watch Games: Sports fans, rejoice! You may not have the RedZone at home, but you can stream it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Bring the foam fingers and face paint so you can enjoy game day with your friends and fellow fans.

You deserve a space to showcase your stuff! Good luck converting your storage unit into the ultimate man cave.