Transitioning into a Big Kid Room

When you first brought your beautiful baby home, you prepared a nursery with the perfect crib, decorations and colors. As your baby has grown, the tiny tyke has new needs. Follow these tips for a successful nursery transition.

Promote Creativity

According to Brixy. com, a resource for parents, you should ask your tot for input when it comes to their new room. Allow your kiddo to show off his or her own personality. Something as small as deciding what color to paint the room or whether to put a bed in one corner or along a certain wall can help your growing child feel more included in the process. “Let your imagination – and your child’s – run free. This room should be a wonderland for your child. Experiment with bright colors in paint, linens, and accessories – you don’t need to play it safe with pastels in a baby’s room and shouldn’t feel limited to using traditional girl-boy colors,” California-based interior designer Natalie Umbert noted, according to Brixy. com.

Get Crafty

One way to save some money is by doing a few projects yourself. Parents. com indicated you can turn a changing table into a dresser that will fit in nicely with your toddler’s new room. Convertible furniture is especially valuable because you can get more bang for your buck. In addition, create some of the artwork and room features yourself. Parents can easily spend a handsome chunk of change on artistic accents in a child’s room. Instead, work on a fun project with your toddler and use it to decorate the space.

Decide What You Need

Make one list of all the items you absolutely need and one with different wants. Rank them in order of most to least importance and use them to guide you and your tot as you begin shopping for the new room. This will eliminate the temptation to spend money on unnecessary products.

Send It to Storage

To make room for new furniture for big kids, you will need to take out items for the nursery, such as a crib or rocking chair. Consider taking these items to a local storage facility for safekeeping. You never know if you might need them again. A SecurCare Self Storage unit can provide you with a safe and secure space, so head to a location today.