Tips to Ensure You Never Fail at an Estate Sale

Estate sales are typically held to quickly sell most of the items present in a home. For this reason, you can find beautiful pieces at significantly lower prices. Becoming an estate sale enthusiast is a great way to start a collection of antique furniture, decor and dishes, without breaking the bank. Follow these tips to familiarize yourself with estate sale culture:

Be Early

The most desirable items will likely sell first, so ensure that you arrive on time or even a little before the actual event if possible. Make sure you have the address and account for any traffic that might keep you from getting to the estate sale on time. However, Apartment Therapy, a lifestyle blog, noted if you become frazzled or nervous when swarms of people are poking and prodding through the items for sale, consider stopping by later in the day or the following afternoon. You also have the potential to situate yourself in a position to nab a lower price. Without the high demand, you can negotiate a better price with the seller.

Know Where to Find the Hidden Treasure

While there is likely an abundance of interesting and unique items at any estate sale, there are some spots that typically hide the very best of the previous owner’s collection. Eclectically Vintage, a vintage-inspired blog, recommended heading straight to the storage areas, such as basements, attics and garages. Look inside of boxes and behind larger items. You will likely find the most valuable items here.

Bring Supplies and a Little Muscle

When you head off to an estate sale, it is important to pack a few items and plan ahead. Some of the items you may need include Post-it notes to claim items too large to carry and flashlights to check out dark space. You will also want to ensure you bring along a friend or family member to help you carry heavy furniture pieces you wind up snagging. If you know your home is a little snug, consider renting a storage unit from a storage facility to keep your newly acquired treasures safely stored, until you can rearrange your home to accommodate new pieces. Contact a SecurCare Self Storage facility today and speak with a storage professional about your storage needs.