Military Car Storage: What to Do with Your Vehicle During Deployment

Beyond the substantial sacrifices you make each day to serve our country, you have to plan for the petty things too—especially if you have an upcoming military tour. One of those tasks includes military car storage. We have tips to make your transition easier. Read on and rev up your strategy for deployment car storage:

Get it Detailed

Since you’ll be storing your car for a long period of time, give it a deep clean. Vacuuming is only the beginning. Make sure everything from the wheels to the fenders are free of grease, mud and tar. Lastly, consider waxing your vehicle to add an extra layer of protection.

Check the Fluids

Even if you’ve had a recent oil change, fill up on fresh fluids for your car. Over time gasoline can break down, which can cause damage to the fuel line or engine. In addition to an oil change, adding fuel stabilizers can combat this. Checking fluids will also prevent corrosion and rust, as airspace leads to moisture.

Keep Critters Away

While your car is stored, mice or insects may decide your vehicle looks like a nice home. Place moth balls inside your glove compartment or set cedar blocks on the floor. You can also try a natural remedy—sprinkle peppermint oil around the vehicle to drive away rodents. Finally, block any openings that critters could nuzzle into, such as the exhaust pipe.

Cover Your Car (figuratively and literally)

Check the insurance coverage you currently have for your car. The United Services Automotive Association (USAA) offers auto insurance specifically for those who serve. Remember to shop around. Explore your options prior to deployment to ensure the best price and protection for your vehicle.

Storing your car outside? Cover it to protect it from the elements. However, the best way to shield your vehicle is to store it inside a garage—or at a local storage facility.

SecurCare Self Storage is proud to serve those who serve our country. We have a plethora of locations near military bases across the country, including Colorado Springs, El Paso and many more. Find a list of our locations for military car storage here.