Tips for Organizing a Study Space in Your Dorm Room

Freshman all over the U. S. have moved into their dorms and enjoyed a few days of becoming familiar with their campus and getting to know classmates. Now that class has started, you may want to quit putting off setting up a study space in your dorm and get organized. According to Collegefashion. net, an online publication for college students, organization can help minimize stress and ensures you can quickly complete your assignments. Follow these tips to make sure your dorm room has the perfect area for reading, researching and writing papers for class.

Organize Your Library

You likely have a hefty list of required textbooks for your classes this semester. Maybe you even have a few of your favorite books for personal reading. If you don’t already have a bookshelf, consider investing in one or clearing a space to keep your books neat. Bookends and magazine holders are two potential alternatives to buying a bookshelf. Have any items that you don’t think you’ll be using this school year? consider renting a storage unit at a local storage facility to make room.

Create a Memo Board or Calendar

Staying organized is paramount when it comes to your study space. According to a video produced by HGTV, you can easily make a fun and interesting memo board using paint and small cork boards. You can use chalk paint to make notes for yourself. Or, simply keep pins nearby to keep announcements and reminders in one spot when you study in your dorm. Have some fun creating a unique place to keep everything you need to remember. You may also want to keep a calendar near your study space. This will help you know when big projects are due or when you need to return rented equipment or library books.

Don’t Forget about Your Writing Utensils

While many assignments might need to be done on your computer, you’ll still want to have plenty of pens and pencils easily accessible at your desk. Use coffee mugs or glass jars to keep your writing utensils neat and organized.

Illuminate the Space

Want to know a really bright idea for dorm study? Invest in an extra lamp to keep at your desk. Making sure your study space is bright, and you can easily read your textbooks or any other documents your professor might assign, is crucial. For additional storage needs, head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility and inquire about available storage units.