3 Tips for a Smooth Move into your New Home

No matter who you are, moving to a new house can be stressful. However, if you plan in advance and try to keep all your ducks in a row as much as possible, you can ensure a smoother moving experience.

Follow these three tips when relocating:

1. Pack with Purpose
According to Rental Living, your packing job can have a substantial influence on how well the move goes. Start off by packing items you will not need to use in the short term. Ensure you clearly label the contents of each package with the room it should be left in. Also, indicate if there is anything fragile inside. Put anything you need to use right away in a transparent box, so you can view the contents before opening and looking for certain necessary belongings. 

To ensure clothes, comforters, pillows and other similar items don’t take up as much valuable space, vacuum-seal them.

Moving is also a great opportunity to cut down on the number of possessions you currently have stored in your home or apartment. Consider throwing away or selling unused items. If there is anything you want to keep, but need out of your new home, consider storing these items in at a storage facility near the house you’re moving into.

2. Hire or Enlist Help Ahead of Time 
Whether you decide you want to hire help or ask friends to dedicate a few hours to moving you into your new home, you should make these plans ahead of time. Ensure everyone knows what to do, where to be and when to start. Clear communication is critical, so exchange cell phone numbers if you don’t already have one another’s contact information. 

3. Enjoy the Neighborhood 
After a long day of moving into your new home, make sure you plan something fun to unwind. Consider going out to a restaurant near your new house, or ask a neighbor where you should order takeout from. Taking the first steps toward making this new place your home will help you adjust quickly, and enjoying yourself is a great way to wind down after a long and potentially hectic move.

For your new storage needs, check out a local SecurCare Self Storage facility and reach out to a friendly professional before your big move.