Storing Your Winter Sports Gear

If you enjoy winter sports, winter is likely one of your favorite seasons. Whether it’s cross country skiing or snowboarding, the second the snow starts falling, your heart begins racing. 

Make sure you keep all of your gear in prime condition and store it properly whenever it’s not being used.  

Evaluate Your Equipment 
When the season starts, take a look at your winter sports accessories and determine if any of them are damaged. Consider taking any worn gear to a shop to see if it can be salvaged, as it can be quite expensive to replace. However, damaged gear will not serve its purpose.  

“Before you get out there, you will need to get your gear prepared for the season. “

Prepare Your Gear 
Before shreddin’ the gnar, you will need to get your gear prepared for the season. Active recommended stocking up on wax to keep your board prepped for the powder.  

Also, make a list of all the equipment you currently have and purchase any items you need to replace. Look for bargains during the offseason or check out last year’s line of gear and clothing.  

Invest in Suitable Storage 
Winter sports gear can take up quite a bit of space, and you want to ensure it has a protective home all year long. Consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit for your equipment.  

Having a storage unit will be especially helpful during the summer months. A blog posted by Tordillo Mountain Lodge contributor Duane Allen from The Ski Bum said, you want to store skis and snowboards in a cool and dry space, and a storage unit provides precisely this.  

When storing, place your gear on a soft surface – avoid concrete, so bring along a blanket, towel or carpet square for your boards.  

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