Store Your Art Collection Properly during a Move

Whether you are an artist that creates beautiful pieces or an admirer who collects others’ work, paintings and drawings should always be properly cared for. If you are moving to a whole new city or just across the street, make sure you know how to protect your art during the transition.

Rent a Storage Unit

Because items often are shifted, lost and sometimes ruined during their time in a moving van, it is a good idea to head to a local storage facility and ask about storing items there during your move. Climate-controlled storage units are a particularly effective way to ensure your artwork is safe during the hustle and bustle of moving day. Fluctuating temperatures can destroy artwork, and in some cases, excessive water can even lead to the growth of mold which is especially detrimental to the integrity of your pieces.

Exposure to light can fade paintings as well. Keeping these items in storage can ensure they remain in good condition after the move. Before you store your artwork, SF Gate recommended cleaning your art with a microfiber cloth. This will eliminate any dust from the surface, without destroying the painting or drawing. In addition, you will also want to protect your art while it is in storage. Cover it with a blanket, felt cloth or bubble wrap to make sure the integrity of the piece is protected. If any art is not framed, place these pieces in a portfolio specifically designed to hold precious works. Avoid rolling it and placing it in a tube as this might create creases or folds.

Consider Packaging When Moving to a Storage Unit

While it is crucial to keep your art protected while in the storage unit, moving it there will require some extra precautions as well. According to VanLines. com, a relocation network, you will need picture boxes, bubble wrap and tape to keep your art in mint condition while relocating it to a storage facility. Use the tape to create an “X” across any glass. This helps protect the art if the glass breaks or cracks during the move. Then, wrap all pieces in bubble wrap and place in picture boxes to keep your artwork safe during the move. Head to a SecurCare storage facility today and speak with a professional about the storage needs for your artwork.