Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom Closet

The warmer weather, beautiful blossoms and tiny buds can only mean one thing. Spring is finally here, and after a long winter, you’re likely ready for this wonderful season. This time of year is not only a great time for nature to bloom but also for you to clean up and reorganize your home. Bedroom closets harbor old clothes, extra shoes, puffy jackets and even old holiday decorations. Prepare your storage space for your spring wardrobe and start organizing your bedroom closet. Follow these helpful tips to ensure you make the most of the space:

Throw Out the Old

One of the first steps you should take when spring cleaning your closet is to get rid of any clothing, shoes or other items you no longer use. Take all belongings out of your closet and sort them into different piles. Have a pile for seasonal items you will not need during warmer weather, clothing and shoes you want to break out this spring and a heap of items you can throw out. Elle, a fashion publication, recommended getting rid of any clothing item you have not worn for more than a year.

Invest in Closet Organization

Cut down on your outfit searching time in the morning by having a neat and clean bedroom closet. It is important that you have proper organizational tools and that you keep your seasonal items, like heavy coats and fluffy sweaters, out of the way. Consider renting a storage unit at a storage facility to ensure these items remain safe. This will also give you more space to work with when organizing your bedroom closet, and a climate-controlled self-storage unit will protect any extra items from mildew or mold that may develop in warmer climates. Also, consider purchasing a label maker or simply creating labels of your own to mark various items that you might stow away in boxes or cubbies. Marking exactly where your favorite shoes go can help you stay organized and help you find the item you are looking for quickly.

Elongate the Life of Your Clothing

Purchasing new items to replace torn or stretched pieces from your wardrobe can get expensive. Know how to keep your clothes looking fresh and new. Real Simple recommended using canvas shelves to keep clothes that might easily stretch on a hanger safely stored away. You may also want to invest in cedar balls to keep moths at bay and protect your favorite clothes. For additional spring cleaning storage options, visit a SecurCare Self Storage facility near you and speak with a professional about your storage needs.