NSA Announces Another PRO

A recent press release announced National Storage Affiliates Trust added its seventh participating regional operator. NSA indicated agreements were made with Hide-Away Storage Services, Inc. and related parties.

This deal will add 14 new properties, which translates to about 1 million rentable square feet in storage unit space. The transaction was completed for $115 million.

“This partnership will bolster storage operations.”

“We are delighted to partner with Hide-Away and its excellent management team,” said Arlen D. Nordhagen, the chief executive officer of NSA. “This partnership broadens NSA’s scope of PRO leadership and presence in the fast-growing Florida market. Our unique PRO structure lends itself to the Hide-Away business strategy of continuing to grow their portfolio while managing their brand. As demonstrated by the addition of Hide-Away as our first PRO added since our IPO, we continue to execute on our growth plan and drive long-term shareholder value.”

This partnership will bolster storage operations and ensure customers can turn to a solution that works to keep stored belongings safe, secure and shielded from natural elements such as water and mold.

NSA looks to acquire self-storage facilities throughout the U.S. and ensure consumers can rely on secure, safe and friendly storage facilities for all of their unique needs.

SecurCare Self Storage was one of the original PROs to join NSA in 2013 to provide improved storage options for individuals seeking an appropriate solution.

If you’re looking for a safe place to keep your belongings, there is no need to look any further than SecurCare Self Storage. Call today and speak with a friendly storage professional.