Moving back in with the folks? Take advantage of a storage unit

For many young adults, the prospect of moving in with your parents might seem like a dire last choice, but increasingly, more of these individuals are opting to pack up their belongings and go back home. In fact, this trend has become so prominent that there’s a greater number of young adults returning to their parents’ houses than at any other time in nearly 70 years, according to Pew Research.

A daughter may need to return home after graduating from college while she’s looking for a job, or a son may move back in after losing his job and running out of unemployment benefits. Many young couples are even choosing to move in with a parent to save money for a down payment on a house. Whatever the reason may be, the simple fact remains that combining two households into one is going to get cramped.

“Combining two households into one is going to get cramped.”

Declutter the home

Both the parents and the young adults moving back into their home may need to make some drastic changes. For mom and dad who are used to having a spare room, they’re going to have to find another place to store all of their stuff when their adult child returns. Often, once a child moves away to college or gets their own place, their parent will transform their bedroom into an office, gym, art studio or just a general storage room of their own. Some homeowners have even begun to rent out their room via AirBnB or something similar.

However, now that their child needs to move home, all of this stuff in the room, whether it’s exercise equipment, paints and canvasses or a desk and filing cabinets, needs to go someplace else.

Trim down what’s being moved in

Some young adults may come home to find they have their childhood bedroom back, and others may be lucky enough to get an entire basement or attic apartment to themselves, while a few might end up having no option but to crash on the couch. No matter which living arrangement you find yourself in, chances are there isn’t going to be enough room to house all of your belongings. From entertainment systems to bookcases and from kitchen tables to couches, most parents already have all of their own stuff like this in their homes, leaving little extra space for yours.

“Both sides should take an inventory of what they own.”

It’s a good idea for both sides to take an inventory of what they currently own, so there’s no overlapping of furniture or electronics in the house that can just lead to more clutter. In addition, it can also help plug any holes, say if the young adult has a brand new BlueRay player that his or her parents don’t have, or if there’s some appliances that may fit into the kitchen.

Discuss financial obligations

Space issues won’t be the only issue facing young adults moving home with their parents. While no one likes to talk about money, in a situation like this, it might be necessary. There will no doubt be higher electricity bills and grocery tabs after an adult child moves back home. Ideally, having a child move back home can be a win-win for both sides, since the young adult can help pitch in by paying some of the utilities or for groceries. This can alleviate a bunch of headaches and arguments down the road.

No matter which scenario you might fall under, if you need to move back home with your parents, there’s a high probability that¬†you, your mom and your dad won’t have enough space for everything. In this instance, a storage facility is the answer to all your problems. Both young adults and their parents will potentially have to keep some of their stuff safely housed in storage to make enough room in the house. Contact SecurCare¬†Self Storage for low prices on storage units across the country.