Making More of Your Wine-Collecting Hobby

Whether you have admired the blends and concoctions wineries have produced for years or you just started sipping some wine recently, becoming a collector can be very enjoyable.

Follow these tips to improve your overall experience:

Know What You Can Spend 
Because the price of wine can vary so much, it’s important to determine up front how much you are willing to spend. However, sometimes this can be difficult, noted imbibe magazine.

“Telling someone how much to put aside to start their wine collection is like telling them how much they should spend on their first car,” noted Alder Yarrow, creator of “However, aspiring collectors may be surprised to know that as little as $300 or $400 can be enough to buy some excellent bottles that will [last] the next 20 years.”

Consider starting with a $1,000 budget, but spread it out over the course of a few months or years. While this is a suggested budget, don’t feel obligated to set aside this much money. If necessary, trim it back to accommodate what you actually feel most comfortable spending.

Starting Your Collection 
When you begin collecting bottles of different wines, remember you don’t need to purchase a great deal of blends right away. The Wine Folly suggested starting small and building your collection at your own pace. Your wines are for your enjoyment and not intended to serve as a way to impress other people.

Cater to Your Taste 
While you might feel it’s important to have the most desirable and valuable wines available in your collection, that is not necessary. The blends you add to your collection should reflect your preferences. Before investing in a wine, taste it and ensure you like it.

Educate Yourself
Adopting any hobby allows you to become more familiar with a variety of niche subjects and topics. Immerse yourself in learning about the process of making wine and information about the local wineries you enjoy the most. Learn about the history behind these establishments and start enjoying your wine-collecting hobby on an even deeper level.

In addition, you can turn your quest to acquire specific blends into a fun vacation. If you’re after a specific riesling from a winery in Germany, hop on a plane and make some memories while building your collection.

Decide on Your Storage Method 
Storing your collection should be one of your top priorities. Fluctuating temperatures can impact the integrity of your favorite wines. Therefore, a climate-controlled storage unit or professional refrigeration should be considered when keeping your collection in good condition.

If you want to keep your collection in the house, make some extra room and store extra belongings in a storage unit.

A SecurCare Self Storage facility is a great solution for all your storage needs. Head to a location and ask about available storage units and rates.