Make Your Home Office Work for You

According to a study at Stanford University, working remotely is becoming more popular. In fact, the U. S. is a nation that most frequently allows managers to work from home in the world. With the rising number of individuals who can complete their duties from their house, a functional home office is more important. If your workspace at home is looking a bit cluttered and messy, it might be time to do a little work. Follow these tips to improve your home office and improve your ability to complete job-related tasks in the space efficiently:

Eliminate Clutter

Paperwork, books and extra furniture can really clutter a space. Throw out anything you don’t need and consider storing some items in a storage unit. Sometimes you have a great deal of paperwork or office supplies you don’t need to reference or use on a daily basis, so keeping it out of the house frees up a space you can utilize.

Head to the Furniture Store

According to HGTV, you should purchase furniture that allows you to stay organized and houses any hardware or equipment you need to use on a daily basis. Check out filing cabinets, desks and chairs that are practical, comfortable and fit in with the design of your home. Investing in this space will keep you organized and can even improve your performance when working remotely.

Divide the Space

Try to organize the placement of your supplies and equipment so you have separate spaces for different tasks. For example, your desk holds your computer and serves as your workspace, while a filing cabinet in the corner next to a bookshelf allows you to research and reference material. Another area might be good for breaks. Have a comfortable chair, and potentially, a mini fridge full of your favorite beverage. Keeping the space zoned has the potential to keep you focused on specific activities while in your home office.

Stay Organized

Lifehack, a lifestyle blog, suggested using binder clips on the edge of your desk to hold cords and keep them from tangling. Peg boards, storage bins, mason jars and drawer dividers can help you establish a place for everything. This will help you find items whenever you need them. Head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility and speak with a professional about your storage needs for any extra office supplies you want to stow away.