Keep all your sports gear safe and accessible in a storage unit

No matter what time of year it is, people all across the country are engaged in a variety of sports and fitness activities. From hiking and camping the Appalachian Trail to surfing and skateboarding throughout California, outdoor sports and recreational activities are a great way for individuals to stay healthy and fit while still having plenty of fun and adventures.

Except for relatively few of these pursuits, the overwhelming majority of these activities require a plethora of equipment and gear to play. Some, like baseball and football, need big bags full of bats and pads, while even others, like tennis or volleyball have plenty of objects involved in the game.

Keeping all of this sports gear and recreational equipment in your garage or closet isn’t always an ideal solution. It spreads dirt and germs across your home and leaves the entire space cluttered and potentially unorganized. A self-storage unit, however, provides you with the space you need to store all of your sporting equipment and gear.

Activity levels on the rise

While there are various stages to being active, from highly to casually to sparingly, there’s been an overall rise in activity among people in the U.S.

Skiing is a fun, family-friendly outdoor activity, but storing all the equipment at home can create too much clutter.Skiing is a fun, family-friendly outdoor activity, but storing all the equipment at home can create too much clutter.

Accumulating equipment and gear

All the fun and excitement you get from playing these outdoor sports comes with plenty of additional accouterments.

While a single bag of golf clubs doesn’t take up too much room in a garage, combined with ropes and rigging for climbing or skis and snowboards, all of this sports gear can easily begin taking over any free space you might have. All too quickly, you may find yourself keeping your kayak safe in your garage while your car sits in the street. Or worse, you can end up with bowling balls and fishing poles in your living room or bedroom.

“Sporting equipment and gear is often covered in mud and dirt.”

Further, you can only play so many sports and engage in certain outdoor recreational activities during a particular season. This means you have to be constantly cycling through this gear to find the appropriate piece of equipment for a winter activity that you might not have used in nearly a year.

Since most of this equipment is used outside, it’s often covered in mud and dirt. These aren’t objects you want to be bringing into your home once you’re done playing. Not only will all of this stuff bring unwanted mud sludge and grass clumps into your house, but it’s also aesthetically unpleasing and simply clutters the place.

Using a self storage facility

Instead of trying to stuff all of your sporting equipment and fitness gear into your apartment, garage or house, consider using a self-storage unit.¬†SecurCare Self Storage provides you with the needed space to safely store this stuff without having to worry about when you’ll be able to get to it. Contact a facility¬†today to learn more.