Keep Your Dog Out of the Trash

Is your pooch pushing over the trashcan or rummaging through rubbish? Whether it’s in your kitchen or outside your home, it stinks to pick up your pup’s mess—literally. Learn how to keep dogs out of the inside and outside trash cans with these techniques:

Keep Dogs Out of Indoor Trash

Last night’s steak dinner is a tempting treat for dogs. Keep the trash where it belongs—off of your kitchen floor and out of your mutt’s mouth.

1. Take the trash out.

Make it a habit. Take the trash out every night or every morning after meals. This is a great way to eliminate the temptation of fresh scraps. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up trash when you get home if there’s nothing to munch on in the first place.

2. Use a sturdy trashcan.

For dogs that like to go bobbing for trash in the can, use a high-quality trashcan with a lid. Make sure the lid is attached to the can—we recommend a sturdy, stainless steel model.

3. Use a small trashcan in a cabinet.

If space allows, use a small trashcan that fits under the sink or install a drawer-style can.

4. Practice boundary training.

For determined dogs who have built bad trashcan behavior, attempt to solve the underlying cause. Teach your dog to stay out of the kitchen altogether. It may deter stubborn trash seekers. Learn more about how to properly implement boundary training.

Keep Dogs Out of Outside Trash Cans

1. Use a secure lid. 

For the same reasons as above, a sturdy trashcan with a lid is a must for outdoor trashcans. A tight lid will lessen the odors coming from the trashcan.

2. Make the trashcan aversive.

Use deterrents, such as bitter apple spray, cayenne pepper, or fresh cracked black pepper. Since dogs use their nose first, the smell of something they don’t like will discourage them from trekking to the trash.

If you can’t keep your dog out of the inside or outside trash with these simple tips, consider a trainer! Both of you will be happy when there are more boundaries and rules!

Now that your dog isn’t making messes anymore, make sure you get rid of critters in your kitchen too.

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