How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In Together?

It happens every day in the United States; two people meet and fall in love. It’s an exciting time filled with exhilaration, joy, and happiness. For many, wanting to be together always is the impetus to make the monumental decision to move in together. But the question that might be more significant is this; how soon is too soon to move in?

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The answer to this vital question will be different for every couple. Their maturity level and awareness of the situation are solid enough for some couples to move in together immediately. For most others, though, that might be far from the case. Remember, emotions are running very high, which experts will tell you is the worst time to make big decisions. 

If you’re considering taking your relationship to this next level, the information below will be highly beneficial. We’re going to take a close look at all the data, details, and facts you need to consider. That includes the timing and many other factors like compatibility, social issues, financial status, and more. If you’re the type who likes to gather information before making a massive decision like this one, read on!

Wait at Least One Year Before Moving In Together

Moving in with your partner is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly, no matter how long you’ve been together. One reason is that, once you’re living together, breaking up becomes significantly more complicated and difficult. Yes, as the song says, breaking up is hard to do. However, if your names are on a 1-year lease, breaking up could be a long and arduous process.

That’s why experts recommend waiting at least 1 year before making the decision to live with each other. That amount of time, they say, is enough to make sure you’re compatible in several fundamental ways. Your maturity levels, for instance, as well as financial stability, wants, needs, desires, etc. These are factors you might not know or realize if you’ve only been together a few weeks. After 12 months, though, most warning signs of incompatibility will have reared their ugly head.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In

Really Know Your Partner Before You Move In

One reason it’s not always a good idea to move in together quickly is you don’t know your partner well. Yes, you might think you know them. However, it’s difficult to truly understand who a person is after only a few weeks. Frankly, at the beginning of a relationship, both parties are putting their best foot forward, if you will. (Everyone does it.) Even worse, the emotional power of love can blind you to your partner’s faults and they to yours. Below are a few things about each other you must know before moving in together, including:

Know How Cleanly Your Partner is Before You Move In

When you’re dating, it’s difficult to know if your partner is a clean freak, a slob, or somewhere in between. If you’re on opposite spectrums, the stress it might cause could be significant. Knowing this before you move in together is essential to keeping stress levels low once you do.

Know How Well They Handle Stress Before Moving In

Even the best couples have stress and diversity in their relationship occasionally. How you and your partner handle both is important to know. If one of you takes it well and the other not, that could cause problems down the road.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In

How Responsible Are They With Finances?

Paying for rent, utilities, and other bills is imperative when renting a house or apartment. If one of you is irresponsible with money and the other not, that’s a recipe for relationship problems.

Know About Each Other’s Maturity Level Before You Move In

Emotional maturity is a huge factor for younger couples. Frankly, some young men and women don’t have the maturity to handle all the responsibilities of living together. If that’s one or both of you, waiting to move in together is a good choice. (And it shows that, indeed, you are mature.)

Know Your Partner’s Ability to Share Household Responsibilities

Sharing a home or apartment means sharing specific responsibilities like cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, and more. You should both be prepared to share these chores equally. At the very least, you should have an agreement about who takes care of which chores.

Before You Move In Together, Know About Any Medical Issues

Many older folks have medical issues that they deal with regularly. Some medical problems are more involved and stressful than others, no doubt. Knowing these issues and what they entail is vital before moving in together. 

Learn About Your Partner’s Social Habits Before Moving In

How you and your partner receive friends and family is vitally important to your relationship. These social habits are magnified when you live together, so knowing them beforehand is essential. 

How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In

Make Sure You Know About Your Partner’s Alchocol Use

For some, recreational drug and alcohol use is a big no-no, while for others, it’s a normalized habit. Unless you’re on the same page about alcohol and drug usage, it might be a significant cause of stress when living together. If you or your partner needs assistance with drug or alcohol dependence, try calling SAMSHA’s free hotline for assistance.

What About All Your Stuff?

Does your new partner have a serious collection of stuff? Maybe they’re a Lego collector with a vast Lego city? They might be a sneaker-head with hundreds of pairs or own a collection of action figures or collectible plates. Whatever they, or you, own, it will need to fit into your new place. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to determine what to do with it before moving in together.

Many folks rent a storage unit for this very reason. That way, they can store most of their things while displaying some in their new place. That goes for furniture, too, as some couples had their own before they met. If, for example, you both have dining room sets or bedroom suites, it won’t all fit into an apartment. (It might, but it could severely cramp your living space, which is never a fun situation.)

Renting a SecurCare storage unit is easy, inexpensive, and an excellent idea depending on your situation. You can store some of your stuff and some of your partner’s, a compromise that will please you both. Indeed, renting a storage unit might be the best way to start your new life on the best foot.

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Are You Ready To Move In Together?

How soon is too soon to move in together? That’s a question you and your partner will have to decide on your own. If you’re mature enough and ready to handle the extra stress (and there will be stress), go for it. However, relationship experts recommend waiting at least a year before doing so. That way, you know your partner well and have a better idea of what your new life together will look like. Whatever you decide, we here at SecurCare Self Storage wish you the very best of luck. We also want to wish you a relationship filled with love and mutual respect.

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