How Long Can You Keep White Wine in the Fridge?

That open bottle of Chardonnay isn’t going to last as long as the cans of La Croix that fill your fridge. But exactly how long can white wine last before and after it’s open? We break it down: 

How long can you keep white wine in the fridge? 

Oxygen, heat, and light all play a role as to whether your white will survive to see another day. Unopened whites can last 3-5 years, but how long does wine last after opening the bottle?

Typically white wine should be used within 3 days, but it can last up to 5 days. No thanks to oxidation, white wine will taste different after even one day of being open. As time passes, the bright, fruitful notes become less vibrant.

How can you extend the lifespan of opened white wine?

Recork and refrigerate. Here’s why: Oxidation occurs when the wine has been exposed to oxygen, so recorking your bottle of wine is the first step to keeping it fresh for longer. Get in the habit of recorking after every pour and you’ll worry less about how long you can keep the white wine in the fridge.

Pro-Tip: Toss the original cork and use a reusable wine stopper to seal out more air. 

How to tell if white wine has gone bad:

Whether opened or new, inspect your bottle before you pour a glass. Here are some sights and smells that signal a bad bottle:

  • A strong, vinegar-like scent
  • A smell similar to bruised apples
  • A darker overall color

If your eyes and nose determined it’s OK, take a small sip. If you don’t enjoy the taste, trust your senses and toss it.

The shelf life of your Sauvignon Blanc largely depends on how you treat the bottle. Remember to give your white wine some R&R—recorking and refrigeration.  

How to Store Unopened Bottles of Wine

Now that you know how long you can keep opened white wine in the fridge, it’s time to learn about unopened wine. Have a wine collection that you need to store? Check out our temperature-controlled self-storage locations across the US.