Home Staging Cost Breakdown: Is It Worth It?

We get it. You don’t have the HGTV gene or the ability to keep furniture in your home during the selling process. Enter, home staging.

Home staging offers a stress-free solution to help your home look its best—all while increasing the sale price. Use our home staging cost breakdown to see if staging fits in your budget, as well as some other cost-effective alternatives.

Home Staging Cost Breakdown

Design Consultation

The purpose of a design consultation is to plan the staging process and timeline. Most appointments last a few hours, depending on the size of the project and house. Consultations can range from $100—$600.

Home Staging | Staging Levels

Cost varies by the size of the home, as well as what areas you want to be staged.

  • Vacant house: A vacant home that needs rooms staged strategically, is the costliest level, averaging around $2,000 per month.
  • Occupied house: An occupied house with furnishings that need organization, decluttering and a layout revamp will cost you a one-time fee.
  • Main rooms: If you have some furniture but need key items, you’ll be charged a monthly fee. This cost varies, from $400 to $700.

Staging Installation

Some staging companies charge an hourly staging fee for the installation, which can range from $25 to $150 an hour. Most companies only charge for the consultation and the monthly staging service.

When Home Staging Isn’t in the Budget

Achieve the look for less with these DIY options:

Furniture Rentals

Leasing furniture is a great option if you need to fill a vacant space but don’t need the expert eye to design the space. Furniture rental companies may have longer lease minimums, like 6 months, but staging companies that offer furniture rentals typically operate on monthly leases.

If you need to move your furniture to make room for the rented items, use these tips for proper storage.

Clean + Declutter

If your fully furnished home is in good shape, keep what you’ve got and clean it up. Get rid of the clutter and tidy every room. The potential buyer wants to envision themselves in your home, so ditch the family photos and mementos.

If you opt to keep your own items, you should spruce up the space with new towels and fresh bedding. This will make a big difference for a little investment. In the meantime, keep your house clean — you never know when a buyer may want a tour!

Staging can increase your profits, but larger home updates are the real money makers. Learn more about these valuable home improvements:

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