Gearing up to move to Ft. Collins, Colorado, to attend CSU

Although it might feel like summer has just begun, students across Colorado (and the country) are already starting to pack their bags to make the move to an on-campus residence in Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University. Making the transition to a new area – whether it’s across the state or across the country – can make for a trying time for anyone, especially a teenager who has recently graduated from high school and is moving away from home for the very first time.

Local stats

According to CSU’s website, about 26,500 graduate and undergraduate students are currently enrolled in more than 150 programs of study across eight colleges. Experts only expect enrollment rates to continue growing over the coming years, as 2015 saw a 9 percent increase in the number of first-year students entering the university to reach a record 4,737 new freshmen.

If you've got too many personal belongings to fit into your dorm room, consider a secure self storage facility to hold your possessions.If you have too many personal belongings to fit into your dorm room, consider a SecurCare Self Storage facility to hold your possessions.

Outside of campus, Fort Collins is home to about 156,500 residents, making it the fourth most populated city in Colorado. Located about an hour away from Denver along the banks of the Cache la Poudre River, residents of Fort Collins enjoy the unmatched natural scenery and plenty of options for outdoor activities and amazing urban living.

Refine your packing list

Creating and sticking to a packing list can solve a lot of problems, and moving is no exception. Creating a detailed inventory of your personal items and determining beforehand which belongings will make the journey to Fort Collins and which will be left behind or kept in storage saves a lot of unnecessary steps on moving day. University Parent suggested including essential items such as bedding material, two weeks worth of clothes, toiletries and school supplies, such as notebooks, writing instruments, a laptop, a charger, and an e-reader.

“Avoid bringing any large furniture, excessive clothing or even expensive jewelry.”

Due to the small size of dorm rooms, don’t be afraid to travel light during move-in day, and then add more personal belongings once you’ve already set up shop. Avoid bringing any large furniture, excessive clothing or even expensive jewelry. Not only will this lower what you need to pack and move, but in many instances, you don’t want to lug around all this extra baggage.

If you have a roommate, it can be wise to reach out to him or her beforehand to see who has what necessities, which can alleviate a major burden during the moving process. Does your new roommate have a bigger, better television? Leave yours at home and save yourself some energy during the move.

If you and your new roommate end up with similar appliances or devices, and you’re strapped for space, you can use a Fort Collins self-storage unit to keep your belongings safe, if you don’t feel like parting with any of your stuff.

Consider renter’s insurance

Even though most university students haven’t really reached a place in their lives where they can afford nicer things, a burglar or a fire can still be devastating. Renter’s insurance is an inexpensive way to protect your belongings from a worst-case scenario destroying your most valuable possessions.

When you add up the cost of a replacement laptop, an entirely new wardrobe, a substitute gaming system and any additional costs for personal belongings, the total can easily add up to a few or even tens of thousands of dollars.

While being the victim of a fire or having a thief steal your computer might not seem like it could happen to you, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Renter’s insurance can go a long way in guaranteeing peace of mind during such a mentally stressful time in your life.

Use a storage unit

Dorm rooms – even off-campus apartments – are cramped and offer little in the way of additional storage. The prospect of moving away from home for the first time and limiting what personal belongings you can bring with you can be a little daunting for both new and older students. It can be tough to part with something you love – especially when you know you’ll have space for it once you graduate.

Situated on the eastern front of the Rocky Mountain range, Fort Collins offers great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing. Unfortunately, the limited space offered to residents of most campus housing means you might not be able to keep any of your specialty gear in your room. Thankfully, by using a SecurCare facility in Fort Collins, you can easily keep all of your crucial equipment close at hand, so you can quickly grab it and hit the slopes or the open field once the weekend hits.

Whether it’s for instruments for your band or the personal belongings you can’t quite fit into your room, but also can’t part with, Colorado State University students can gain more space with SecurCare Self Storage. To discuss your storage needs, contact us today!