Creating an Arts and Crafts Room in Your Home

While it’s often beautiful and sunny during summer, there may be a few rainy days. And, with the kids out of school for a long three-month break, having something for them to do when the weather isn’t cooperating will help keep them busy and happy. An in-home art studio and craft room is a great way to allow your children to exercise their creativity and continue doing activities even when it’s gloomy outside. According to Artful Parent, designating a space for kids to create can encourage them to do so more freely and keep the mess out of your kitchen and living room. Follow these tips for creating any little artist’s dream:

Clear out a Space

Consider turning a spare bedroom, attic, garage or basement into an arts and crafts room. Remove any clutter and move it to a storage facility, or repurpose items for the new space. For example, you may have a table you can paint and seal to use for arts and crafts. You will also want to ensure there is nothing valuable that can be destroyed in the room. It may be ruined by paint, glue, chalk or other items used to create art.

Paint the Room

Ask the kids to help you select a color and paint the room something bright and cheerful that fosters a creative environment. Color can impact creativity. Yellow is energetic, red stimulates, and green can be relaxing. If you can’t decide on a color, consider the impact it may have on artistic productivity. Provide Supplies When stocking an arts and crafts room, think about potential projects your young ones might want to complete. If they enjoy painting, invest in an easel, paper and potentially even canvas. Also, buy construction paper, feathers, glue and other crafty supplies for other fun creations.

Bring it Outside

While painting and creating is a great indoor activity when it’s raining, children may also enjoy doing this outdoors when the sun is out. Purchase a table that can be folded and brought outdoors if your kids especially enjoy the creative process. For more information about storing your items after you’ve turned a space into a beautiful arts and crafts studio, head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility in your area.