The Pros and Cons of Longview, TX

East Texas’s outdoor recreation and leisure center, Longview, TX, is an inviting, and quaint town. Longview has a beautiful and historic downtown area and is one of the most liveable towns in Texas. Not only is it safe, but the weather is also pretty good. But, the people here are the main draw, because they’re friendly and welcoming. Knowing the city’s good and bad points is crucial when moving to Longview, TX. For example, you’ll want to know all the pros and cons when choosing a new neighborhood to call home. And you can rest easy, because we’ve put together all the key pros and cons of Longview, TX. To discover everything about your soon-to-be Texas hometown, read on!

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PRO: Longview, TX is an Affordable City

Saving money whenever possible is something all American families are trying to do these days. And living in Longview, TX makes it even easier to save. The city has lower costs of living than many similar cities. For example, the overall cost of living index in Longview is 85/100. That means the price to live here is 15% lower than the U.S. national average. That’s great news if you’re trying to put more money in savings or towards your retirement.

CON: The Humidity in Longview, TX

There’s no way to talk about living in Longview, TX without mentioning the super hot and humid summers. The comfort index for Longview in the summer is 3.9/10. That’s pretty bad, we know. But, the main reason the comfort index is so low is that the humidity levels here are off the charts. According to Best Places, the worst months for humidity in Longview are June, July, and August. But if you don’t mind some summer heat and humidity, then Longview might be the perfect escape from cold winters!

PRO: Mild Winters in Longview, TX.

If you’re moving to Longview, TX, from further north, you’ll be glad to know the snow won’t follow you here. Longview has zero snowy days in winter, so you’ll never need a snow shovel, tire chains, or rock salt. That’s just fine for most folks who call our city home and don’t miss the snow a single bit. Imagine, you can celebrate New Year’s Eve on a mild and sunny day!

The Pros and Cons of Longview, TX

CON: Pollen is a Rite of Passage Every Spring

The millions of beautiful pine trees in Longview, TX take their toll every spring when it rains pollen on the city. In fact, the entire town turns a shade of pale yellow for a few weeks come spring. The pollen covers everything, including cars, homes, and anything else outside. Even worse, it causes an epidemic of allergic reactions as everyone breathes the pollen deep into their lungs. Pollen is easily one of the worst cons of all the pros and cons of Longview, TX.

PRO: Living Lakeside in Longview, TX

Amazingly, there are 25 lakes within driving distance of Longview, TX, and many are great for fishing and boating. If you’re a fan of being in and on the water, you’ll get your fill of it in Longview! And, there are 10 lakes that are within the city limits. We know we said the summers can be pretty tough but isn’t everything better on a lake? Some of the best local lakes include:

  • Martin Creek Lake
  • Lake O’ the Pines
  • Cook Lake
  • Fisher Lake
  • Johnston Lake
  • Lake Lamond
  • R and K Lake

CON: Crime in Longview, TX, is Higher than the National Average

Longview, TX is a welcoming and small city, but like any city, it has crime. The crime index is a little bit higher than the national average, But, Longview is one of the safer cities in Texas. Although not nearly as bad as some Texas cities, crime in Longview is still problematic.

PRO: Kind People in Longview, TX

If you read online reviews about Longview, TX, you’ll see one thing that stands out among the rest. It’s the quality of the people who live here and their sense of pride in their community. That’s a big selling point for any town, no doubt, and Longview is no exception. It makes it so much easier for newcomers to settle in and feel at home.

For some people, seeing the same stores everywhere you look might not be a problem. For others, however, it’s a shame to see Longview, TX, falling into the chain store trap. Sadly, most of the mom-and-pop stores that used to be a mainstay here are long gone. They’ve been replaced by the same stores and fast-food joints you’ll find almost everywhere these days.

PRO: Housing Costs are Very Affordable

Our last pro for our list of the pros and cons of Longview, TX is the affordable housing costs. Our housing cost index is 66/100, 44% lower than the national average! The median home cost of $172,000 reflects that, nearly $120,000 less than the average U.S. city. Indeed, our housing costs are the main reason the overall cost of living here is affordable. Rental prices are much lower than the U.S. average, too, making life easier for many families.

Pros and Cons of Longview, TX? It’s is an Affordable, Attractive and Friendly American Town

While Longview has a few problem areas, we think you’ll agree that it’s a nice city overall. The people here are genuinely friendly, the weather is warm, and there’s plenty to enjoy on your days off. If you’re moving to our neck of the woods, we recommend reserving a storage unit in Longview, TX. That way, when you arrive, it will be ready and waiting for all your valuables.

For questions about renting a storage unit in Longview, TX, please feel free to chat with us online. We can answer many questions that way, and it only takes a few seconds. You can also visit one of our 6 self-storage locations in Longview, TX. The on-site manager at each location is a fountain of self-storage knowledge and valuable information. They can help you decide which size Longview storage units are the best for your particular needs. Until then, we wish you all the best moving to our attractive Texas town. We’re positive that, once you arrive, you’ll quickly come to love living and working in Longview, TX!

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